November 29, 2002
The Million Games of Solitaire

Okay, so it took me forever to get my zip drive to actually work on my computer this time. I don't know why, but okay. Then my computer went schizo! See, I was writing a letter to a friend and I needed a song lyric, so I came out of my room at 7:30ish to simply get online and get this song lyric. Well, when I got online, I got a fatal blue screen. I'm then told to scandisk the C drive, which I do. Then my mom starts freaking out because I don't have an active anti-virus program on my computer and we proceed to install Norton. Only, when we do this, we have to reboot the computer like 3 times. When we reboot, it takes like five minutes for the system to update itself. My mom, being impatient as she is, tries to talk me into recovering the C drive. Well, if I were to do that, it would wipe everything that was on there. Stupid me hadn't backed anything up to disk, zip or CD. So my mom tells me I can't do anything, including going to bed, until I back up my entire system. So that's where the million games of Solitaire come in. While I'm waiting for my computer to install Norton, while I'm burning stuff onto CD, while I'm waiting for my computer to boot. I must have played something like fifty games of cards, with real cards! (Like hell was I going to do ANYTHING to make this computer run any slower than it already wanted to!) Oh yeah, and let's not forget the power going out in the middle of me burning a CD! Thank goodness I have a battery back-up for my computer. Only problem is that it only lasts like half an hour. Man, I'm really starting to dislike computers!

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