This is the story of an employee at a fast food restaurant. Her stories are true, her experiences are real. You will find useful information about her restaurant and some trivial facts. Her reasoning for this line of work was simple: money.

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PAUL: The old General Manager (GM) who hired me.

GOOBERBOY: The new GM who replaced Paul.

MISS JACKIE: The Assistant Manager (AM) who befriended our employee.

DAN THE MAN: The new AM, only 19 years old.

AMANDA: CL from East whom I have a crush on.

AIR-BEAR: The other female closer. We get along, which is nice.

HOXIE: Another closer. He keeps us really caught up on the kitchen closing and gets us the hell out of there quickly, but he doesn't like kitchen; he would rather work the front.

PAULIE: Not the GM, he's a closer. He's pretty quick in the kitchen, but is sometimes a detail freak.


PAUL: Yes, the old GM at WALNUT is the GM over at OROVILLE. He's still short and now it's even more obvious!

ROB: An all-around guy. Knows kitchen pretty well, but is a slow closer.

BIG-SHOT BRIAN: No, he is not a BSB. He treats me like I know NOTHING (sometimes). He's a big-shot because he's a CL!

ASHLEY: A minor who is really cool.

KATHY: A new AM. She reminds me of MISS JACKIE

SHAUN: New AM. The man is WAY TOO NICE!

ME: I am now a Safety Cooridinator (SC). I even got props from the District Manager! My biggest safety thing so far is the fire extinguishers at WALNUT! I mainly work Drive Thru (DT). Lookie my Piccie!

Common abbreviations that you might want to know.

DM: District Manager
GM: General Manager
AM: Assistant Manager
CL: Crew Leader
PL: Production Leader
SC: Safety Coordinator
POP: Promotion of Product
EXP: Expediter (The person who gets the food)
FC: Front Counter/Cash
DT: Drive Thru
SOS: Speed of Service
QSC: Quality Service Check
Ten: ten minute break
Half: half hour "lunch/dinner" break

Disgrace to the Uniform
Annoying Employee
Perfect Day
Goober Boy
The Goober Children
P.O.P. Again
In Need of Therapy
Phasing In
GooberBoy's All Wet!
New Combos
Menu Maddness
Promotion Again
Regular Date
Dan the Idiot
Fryer Fire
Pull to the Window Please
Stupid Menu!
GooberBoy and the Men's Restroom

The Transfer
Game Night
World Series?

  • THE SIMPSONS ARE BACK! Last year's Simpson Toys did so well that now they're back! For a limited time, get one of 10 Simpson Toys when you buy a Kids or Big Kids Meal.
  • With the Simpsons comes the X-TREME WHOPPER! Just like our regular Whopper with Cheese sandwich, but with bacon and an added slice of cheddar cheese. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm Whopper!
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  • SOURDOUGH BREAKFAST SANDWICH: Our sourdough bread with eggs and your choice of cheese, bacon, sausage or ham. (Breakfast only)
  • SIDE SALAD: A mix of Romain and Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and red cabbage.
  • CHICKEN CEASER SALAD: A mix of Romain and Iceberg lettuce, parmasan cheese, our Chicken Whopper Jr, and Ceaser dressing.
  • BK SMOKEHOUSE CHEDDAR BURGER: 2 seasoned flame-broiled burger patties, 2 full strips of crisp bacon, natrual smoked cheddar, special smokehouse sauce and crisp lettuce all on a bakery style bun.
  • BK HOMESTYLE: 2 seasoned flame-broiled burger patties, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup and mustard all on a bakery stlye bun.
  • BK VEGGIE: A vegetarian patty broiled to perfection, low-fat mayonaise, crisp lettuce & tomato all on a seasme seed bun.
  • CHICKEN WHOPPER/CHICKEN WHOPPER JR: A flame broiled chicken breast prepared with mayonaise, crisp lettuce and tomatoes. So good it had to be a called a WHOPPER. (Formerly the BK BROILER.)
  • NESTLE TOLLHOUSE COOKIES: Baked fresh daily, these cookies are just like the ones Mom used to make.
  • HOT FUDGE BROWNIE ROYALE: Thick, rich, chocolately brownie with ooey gooey hot fudge.
  • ZESTY ONION RING SAUCE: Give your onion rings a kick with the new Zesty Sauce.
  • KING SUPREME (formerly the BIG KING): New sauce makes this flame broiled burger and new favorite.

  • BK FISH FILET: It may be smaller, but it's better! The BK Fish Filet now comes with cheese, takes less time to cook and is just an all around better piece of fish!
  • WHOPPER/WHOPPER JR: For the 45th anniversary of the WHOPPER sandwhich, the burger gets a make-over. Still the same flame broiled burger you have come to expect, but now with better tasting lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.
  • OLD FASHIONED ICE CREAM SHAKE: Now made with real vanilla ice cream, this shake is so thick, you'll need a spoon.
  • CROISSAN'WICH: A flaky croissant surrounds egg, cheese and ham.