September 7, 2000
Disgrace to the Uniform

I was sitting in Burger King today doing my homework like I usually do. (I seem to study better when there's background noise -- I'm weird, I know.) So I'm sitting there eating my upgraded kids meal (no HOWIE toy, but a medium drink, and I only paid $2.03!) studying and easdropping on this Burger King worker's conversation two tables away. He's wearing a golden uniform (like the BOYS do in the commercial). He's telling his friend all about the things that have gone on at work. About the time I put on my headphones because it's too quiet he starts dissin' Backstreet! So I leave my headphones in, but don't turn on my tape so I can listen to what he's saying. He points out HOWIE to his friend in one of the window posters. He bad-mouths SWEET D and then lowers his voice, so now I know he's talking about me. He says something about me coming in in my BSB tee-shirt and something else (I couldn't really make it out). He goes on to bad-mouth BSB and the FANS! He said that we [the fans] disgust him! He is a disgrace to the Burger King uniform! Yes it was his break, but he knew he was within earshot of a fan! (Everyone there knows I'm a fan, it's not that hard to tell.) I think the fact that he said those things knowing I was right there is what gets me the most. I mean, it's no big deal when my brothers do it or I overhear it walking around campus, but come on! That was just plain wrong!

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