December 4, 2001

I now work at Burger King and yes I do have a gold uniform (it's called "mustard yellow") and well, there's this one employee whom no one can really stand. Usually when I show up he's on Drive Thru and I'm taking over for him so he practically puts the headset on me before I even have a chance to clock in. Last night Miss Jackie felt like she was babysitting. He'd been begging to be in the kitchen so I was put on Drive Thru by myself because I can handle it and he was put in the kitchen. He kept screwing up. We have a new sandwich: the King Supreme (it's just like a Big King except with one less slice of cheese) and he kept putting tomatoes on it! When another employee simply reminded him not to put tomatoes on the sandwich he threw a tomato at him. And when I asked him to rewrap a Whopper for me because the wrapper had ripped he asked me why and then gave me a funny look when I told him. He's so annoying, even to my manager. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who thinks this. And unfortunately he hasn't done anything serious enough to get fired except be annoying so there's nothing we can do but put up with it. The day my girl came in I had to go pick up my paycheck so I took her with me and then we went to the bank. Well, Paul was there and he was teasing me saying one of the other employees had given me a new name: Drive Thru Night Girl. Well, this annoying employee was working and just said hi to me. Well, my girl picked up on his annoyingness. Later that night, I went in to work and at one point he picked me up by my shoulders! Thankfully he left before my girl came because she was ready to kill him when I told her. It's not that she's possessive, she could just tell he annoyed me and that wasn't right. That boy is gonna get himself killed at some point, unfortunately he's only a minor!

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