December 10, 2001

I've been working at Burger King for about two months now and there's talk of promotions now. Apparently we are losing some people and hiriing new ones. But anyway, the assistant manager asked me the other night if I would consider being promoted. It doesn't mean a whole lot--a bit more responsibility, a few cents more on pay checks, nothing huge. So of course I said yes!

Now at my last job, it took me a year to move up to a "Caller II" and after that they refused to promote me further. And then on top of that, my hours were cut. So I quit. Now, granted I'm not making much more than minimum wage (I'm making that right now), but Burger King is working me at least 30 hours a week. So the pay checks are coming out to about the same.

So now, after only two months, I'm looking at a promotion. How sweet is that?

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