December 29, 2001

Paul is my boss at work and the ONLY reason I think he's a cool guy is because he gave me the poster from Burger King a year ago. Other than that he's a jerk with a captial J.

Okay, here's the deal. Over the past month we have been selling glass goblets for the movie LORD OF THE RINGS (which is a good movie by the way). They get counted at the end of every night. Over the past month we have had 32 goblets stolen! Now we did have four that were open in the display case out front, but it didn't have a top on it and so they were getting ripped off. Now Paul is trying to place the blame on the night crew. Truth be told, he doesn't trust the night crew. He's got the cameras on ONLY during the night shift. His day shift people are angels apparently, but the night crew knows we're on camera so why the hell would we be stealing goblets. They're counted. We all know it. His night crew are all over the age of 18, most of us over 21, so why would we be stealing? We all know the value of a dollar. We're not working this job for our health. Most of us are working it because we NEED to. There are a few who are working it just for spending money, but most of us NEED this job. Plus, the more money we keep spending on new stuff (like the menu and crew board and junk) the less they have to give to their employees in the way of benefits. Wait, we don't get ANY benefits! No food deals, no nothing! So there! It sucks, really.

Lemme give you a lil' background on Paul. He's married, about 30 years old and has 5 kids! (No, that's not a typo, it does say 5.) Now these 32 goblets that have been stolen he has paid for out of his own pocket because he doesn't know who's doing it. So that's $68 worth of goblets he's bought that he hasn't seen. I feel bad for him. I think with my next pay check I'll pay him for 2 goblets, even though I didn't steal them. I just feel bad about it.

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