April 2, 2002

GooberBoy (his initials are G.B.!) the new General Manager for BK is being such a dork!!!! I've worked with him twice now and there's just something about him I don't like. I can't pin-point it. But not only that, we are ALWAYS running out of stuff at the end ouf our supply week (which runs Monday thru Sunday). We get shipments on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (I think, but Monday and Thursday for sure). Well, on Sunday we are usually running out of barbeque sauce (the packets for dipping) and maybe ranch sauce and sometimes lettuce or tomatoes. This is expected. It just depends on our volume of customes over Thursday thru Sunday. Well, with Goober Boy, we seem to be running out of a lot of stuff we don't normally run out of...like straws, lids and cups. I know that part of this is probably day crew's fault for leaving empty boxes (or near empty boxes) up in dry stock (the room where we keep wrap, cups, lids and anything that's not chemicals). But the rest of it is just, well, inexcuseable. I mean, I could understand if he was a NEW GM, but he was GM of the BK in the food court at the mall. Okay, well, maybe this is an excuse, somewhat. But he's just being a dork! Hopefully things will get better over the next few weeks. I'm hoping and praying!

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