April 7, 2002
You Down With P.O.P.?
Yeah, You Know Me!

So I'm working on the spare bedroom. I managed to move my computer in there with the computer desk. And I hung my Burger King toy posters up today. I hung the "Ice Age" one, the "Lord of the Rings" one and the "Backstreet Project" one. I also hung up some other Promotion of Product (POP) that Miss Jackie (the night manager) and I found. See, this is what happened. Goober Boy brought us bread last night and yelled at her, telling her to do all of his stuff, like hang the new Chicken Whopper POPs. So, on my break last night Miss Jackie, Mary and I go outside to hang the window clings. After that, she wanted to do more POP (I have no idea why). She had already done the inside menu board and the chicken feet on the floor. So she started taking down the hanging banners mainly because we had raised prices back in December and the Whopper with Cheese Value Meal was wrong. Well, when she went to take them down, she pulled down a whole handful of old ones, one of which was advertising the BACKSTREET BOYS "For the Fans" CDs featuring "IT'S TRUE." Now, this promotion was over a year and a half ago! When I say it, I snatched it up, giggled and went skipping into the crew room. I also stole two "Lord of the Rings" banners/menu signs for my BK corner as well.

Now, I bet you're wondering why I titled this "Are you down with P.O.P.? Yeah, you know me!" Well, to tell you the honest truth, that is what Miss Jackie was singing last night. No lie!

Also, yet again, it's another lonely Sunday night at Burger King. As I said earlier, our promotion this month is the Chicken Whopper (and the Chicken Whopper Jr.). Well, as luck would have it, we are OUT Of Chicken Whoppers! (But we still had the Jrs.) We're also OUT of barbeque sauce packets, sweet and sour sauce packets and Hershey Sundae Pies, but this is to be expected on a Sunday. And it wsn't lonely either! Last night was lonely; I only had 54 cars! That's half of what I would normally do! Tonight I had 125 cars! But then again I came in at 6 instead of 7:30.

I do wanna take one thing back though: The part about Paul bing a jerk with a captial "J" (see Paul). Paul was our hero. We all miss Paul. The only bad thing about Paul was that he made us go LARGE on every value meal. On our evaluations lately (the month of March), we've been losing "friendliness" points because we're not smiling! That's because we're not happy! We miss Paul!

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