April 27, 2002
The Goober Children

So Nancy went on leave to have her baby and be with her kids. This means we need another Assistant Manager. The reason is because someone needs to be here when Miss Jackie and Goober Boy take days off. So Goober Boy brought over Dan the Man from Food Court. He's only 18. I think the fact that he's 18 (and the rest of us people who work with him are twenty-somethings) he thinks he needs to show some kind of power over us, so he's being a pain in the tail right now. Oh and he kinda looks like LANCE BASS.

Mary is working full time now at a coutnertop place. Her new game is naming the color of the Corian countertops. Well, she did this in front of Dan the Man one night (because for some reason she LOVES telling me the name of the counter at Burger King over and over again) and Dan the Man asked her how she knew that. She told him where she works and he said his father and uncle work there too! And this was no more than two minutes after she had professed to me that he looked familiar (and not like LANCE BASS familiar).

So anyway Goober Boy has given Miss Jackie all these new jobs to do. Some of them she had been doing before because she was being nice, but now he's got her doing like all of his work too. Stuff like POP (See Are You Down with P.O.P? Yeah, You Know Me), scheduling and ordering. I have no clue what he does during the day now. But then again, Day Crew are a bunch of idiots. From now on, Day Crew will be known as The Goober Children because they're probably all related to Goober Boy!

And speaking of The Goober Children. Since Miss Jackie is doing the scheduling now, she's realizing why our labor is up--we have 20 crew members! This means the hours everyone is putting in is totalling something like 85 hours a day! So therefore hours are getting cut. Oh goodie! But I NEED hours! I think The Goober Children need their hours cut!

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