April 28, 2002
Who's Down With P.O.P.?
All the Ladies!

So I walked into work last night and Dan the Man said to me "Could you help me with the Drive Thru printer?" I hadn't even logged in yet! No big. I know that register is a little picky sometimes. So I do that and then walk back to wash my hands. When I do, I see all the new POP sitting out on the table in the back. Dan the Man says to me "Guess what you get to do tonight? POP!" I thought he meant US, not ME. But oh well. I then spent the first ten minutes in the kitchen helping out. No big. I am Right Track trained after all! Then we closed the dining room early (*shh*) because our kitchen guy hadn't taken a break and Dan the man was way behind. So I covered kitchen for the last half hour. No biggie. But before that, I had to do the inside POP which meant getting out the ladder because I'm a short person! But I managed to get it all up. Then when we closed I grabbed my other female co-worker and we went out to the Drive Thru Menu and did those POPs, which I despise because of the dang screws in the menu board! Then I went and did the window clings. So they're slightly crooked and a little on the low side, but hey, like I said, I'm a short person. If GooberBoy doesn't like it, then HE can come in and do it himself! I've taken on a ton of more responsiblity lately. Mainly because GooberBoy has delegtated more responsibility to Miss Jackie. Let's see, I'm doing POP, crew member updates, practically counting inventory...Hum, if only Crew Leaders didn't open the store!

Oh I didn't tell you what Dan the Man did last night. He saw the light on the shake machine (the one that tells you it's on) and thought it meant it was low on shake mix, so he made us add more shake mix! There was like 14 gallons of shake mix in there last night! AAAARRRRGGGG!!!!

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