May 2, 2002
Phasing In

About six weeks ago, the electrician was out installing new outlets for whenever we upgraded our kitchen. I seriously thought this would never happen. But on May 1, it did. When I came into work tonight there they were: new steamers, holding units and a bun toaster. Supposedly these new steamers and holding units can hold food up to an hour without any bad taste. We'll just have to see about that! The toaster though is very nice. The buns actually come out toasted (what a concept) and it's pretty quick too. Unfortunately, it will probably take us the rest of our natural lives to pay off this expensive little upgrade! (Hopefully prices won't suffer any more than they already have!) Also, apparently, this new kitchen is supposed to improve efficiency. All it's doing right now is improving confusion. Yeah, bright shiny blinking lights and new buttons to push, but where are the dang hamburgers!

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