May 8, 2002
GooberBoy's All Wet!

Last night I had a rush of like a million cars it seemed like. In the midst of it all, I had someone order a king sized iced tea with their meal. No big deal, as I was goig to get the bag for the car at the window, I figured I would just set the machine to fill the cup. See, our fountain with the iced teas, fruit punch and lemonade has the little buttons that are supposed to dispense just the right amount to fill the cups, only ours aren't set right. So I pushed the medium button, half expecting it not to work and then having to push the fill button later. I then turned around to see where the food was coming and if my order was ready. When the order wasn't quite done, I turned back around to the fountain and found the pink lemonade squirting water everywhere! I hadn't touched the pink lemonade! So Dan the Man rigged a lettuce bag to the machine to catch and drain the water into the soda fountain. Today when I went into pick up my paycheck, I noticed that it wasn't squirting water anymore. So I made this comment to GooberBoy. This is what he told me: He said that he was on the phone with the electrician this morning and he had said to pull this one wire, so GooberBoy pulled it. Whie he pulled that wire, he got soaked with water and pink lemonade syrup! He had to go home, shower and change! *guaff*

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