May 29, 2002
New Combos

So I walk into work tonight and Miss Jackie is all, "Guess what?" I blink at her and she says, "We have POP to do!" Again I stare and she fills me in. Apparently this new BK Back Porch Griller thing is starting early, so her and I get to put up the POP for it. Well, unfortunately, the POP includes new combo meal placards. I don't mean the promotional ones either. These are the permanent ones with numbers and such. So that means we have to fiddle with them which includes putting prices on them. Oh boy, oh joy. I seriously wanted to smack our franchise owner for this. I mean it was a Tuesday night. We don't usually start anything until Mondays. This was so strange. So I helped Miss Jackie with the inside stuff and then I got to do all of Drive Thru.

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