May 31, 2002
Menu Madness

Last night sucked royally. I walk in after having a three day weekend because of graduation and I catch GooberBoy. He's like "Hey, I'll just skip the middleman. I want you to help with the menus tonight. If anything get breakfast inside and all of Drive Thru done." Later, while I'm standing in the Drive Thru box (it's what we call the area between the register and the cash drawer because it literally is a box), he flashes a yellow piece of paper in my face and sets it down on the counter underneather the cup holders so it wouldn't blow away. When I get a moment I look at it and groan inwardly. There's like a million prices that are being changed. One of the CLs (Crew Leader) worked on the inside menu, while giving me a 'tude. I think he was just tired, but I dunno. Miss Jackie was wondering when I was going to haul off and slap him! So anyway, after the CL leaves, Miss Jackie shows me how to do the little menu strips for the board and warns me about the stupid little piece of plastic on the top of the numbers. So for the rest of the night intermixed with taking orders for cars, I change the combos. Because the price on the medium sizes went up on half the combos, subsequently the large and king sized combos go up as well. I also have to do the Drive Thru board which means Miss Jackie must bring me in the frames so I can do them inside and not get mobbed or mugged or killed out there. Thankfully the frames come off the board so we can move them.

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