June 1, 2002
Promotion Again

After Jackie and I did all the menu changes last night that I could do before we closed (I couldn't do the main Drive Thru board until after we were done), I updated the SOS (Speed of Service) times for the month of May and then set to work on the crew proficiency chart. I found out that one of my fellow closers had been promoted to PL (Production Leader) and that my friend from high school had accepted the promotion to CL (Crew Leader). I was happy for them both. Well, when I did this, I realized that we had no SCs (Safety Coordinator). I told Miss Jackie this and she put in the good word for me. Come to find out tonight that GooberBoy actually agreed with her! I was shocked! He thought I would make a good safety coordinator and thought that I deserved it. I mean, I have done all this POP stuff for him lately. Let's just hope this time I actually get it.

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