June 5, 2002
Regular Date

I have a few regulars that I know by sight as well as order, mainly because I work in DT. Well, there's this one guy, he's been coming to see me every night (just about) since we had the Double Cheeseburgers for 99. He always orders a cheeseburger (now that they are 99). The other night he ordered a cheeseburger and a medium Sprite. Shocked the hell outta me! Then the night after that he ordered a cheeseburger and paid with a $20! But for the past week or so we have been having our 2 sentence conversations because in DT that's basically all you can squeeze out. He's asked me if it's always this hot here, which the answer was yes. Then the other day he asked me if my name was Phoebee. (Miss Jackie went through this renaming phase where everyone who worked with her got a new name badge with a new name, mine was Phoebee.) He had always thought it was Jessica. Then last night, he asked me out! He asked if I wanted to go for ice cream sometime. I told him sure. (I didn't want to crush his hopes just yet. He seemed to be trying to get the courage up all week long.) So we decided on next weekend, Wango Tango weekend, Jun 15th-ish. We'll see. I don't even know his name! Just his order! *LOL*

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