June 9, 2002
Dan the Idiot

Dan the Man is an idiot. For the month of June, we're having a contest. The person with the best average drawer wins a free meal. I'm thinking this is going to be like the Easter cleaning contest. (GooberBoy hung a buncha signs that said "clean me" around the kitchen. 5 "clean me" signs that were inspected and tested to be clean equaled a free meal. I've never seen my free meal.) But anyway, I usually have pretty good drawers. Nothing huge over/under, except on rare nights. But lately, Dan the Man has been laughing at me, even when my drawers are 18 over. I mean, come on. It's not $18! On Friday, it took 5 minutes of me standing there waiting for Dan the Man to count my drawer, and even then, he didn't do it, Miss Jackie did. But yesterday was the worst. Burger King has a policy. You have to work for 2 hours. If you work between 5 and 7 hours you get a ten and a half. Between 7 and 8 hours you get 2 tens and a half. Well, yesterday I was scheduled from 2-7:30. That's 5.5 hours so I should get a ten and a half. I got nothing! See, around 4 the power flickered and this set off our emergency earthquake gas shut off. This meant the friers and the broiler stopped working. So for half an hour we could only serve what we had on hand, which wasn't much. Not to mention, Dan the Man COULD HAVE asked anyone who left at 2 to stay until 4 so I could get a half. But no. He was being an idiot. So as a result, I had to go home an hour early so GooberBoy wouldn't pitch a fit. Oh yeah, GooberBoy has been on us about our DT times. Big deal, right. Well, I go as fast as I can all the time. I want those people out of my DT in two-three minutes tops. Well, I can't do anything if my kitchen people aren't with me on this. So, I'm getting yelled at yesterday by Dan the Man because my time is like 4 minutes and odd seconds. I keep telling him that it's not me, it's my kitchen people! When Miss Jackie is there and we are doing the 6 o'clock rush (yeah right, 20 cars in an hour is REALLY a rush!), it's fun. She's there helping us out and we're all giggling because she's acting like a basketball coach or something. It's silly really. But in those times we try to keep the time really low and it's a lotta fun. Not with Dan the Man. I really don't think he's cut out to be a manager yet. Yeah, maybe in a few years after he's grown up a bit, but not now at 18. He's too young.

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