June 14, 2002
Fryer Fire

Our new CL has been telling everyone about the fryer on the end, Fryer 3. It smokes and he was certain that we would have a fire one day. Well, that day was today! I don't know all the details, but I do know that it was an electrical fire in Fryer 3. GooberBoy saved the day though by going gung-ho with the fire extinguisher. When I came in at 6p he was still tampering with the fryer, moving the panel from Fryer 3 to Fryer 2. See Fryer 3 was our fryer for things other than fries (chicken, fish, tenders, tacos, french toast sticks, hasbrowns, onion rings). So GooberBoy had to move the panel over because it had our timers for all of those things. So, anyway, now we're down to 2 fryers. If either of them has a fit, we're toast.

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