June 30, 2002
Pull to the Window Please

Some people should not be allowed to order through the DT. I had this one woman today who ordered the shake 'em up cheese powder, but when I read it back to her, she told me she didn't want it. When I handed her the order, she asked me if I had put the shake 'em up cheese in there. I said, "But I thought you didn't want it?" She told me, "Not for the large." AAAARRRRRGGGG!!!! Don't you get it that the sauces and cheeses are add-ons and don't come with any particular thing?????

And there are the ones who don't know enough English to order. They say "Yes" after everything. This tells me that they are conditioned by McDonald's or their ESL class that the person on the other end says "Is that all?" when I (and several other order takers) say "Anything else for you?" They hear my voice but they aren't listening to me! That is just so annoying!

I think I'm gonna write a screenplay and call it "Pull to the Window Please."

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