July 6, 2002

Holy cow! You'll never guess who was in my store today? Amanda! Okay, lemme tell you about Amanda. She came over from East to help out on St. Patrick's Day. We worked well together; not to mention, I thought she was cute then.

So today, I walked into work, checked the schedule, then headed into the back. I saw someone in a blue manager/CL shirt (the Blue Shirts I call 'em) making burgers. Then I saw the blonde hair. I thoguht "Who dyed their hair over the weekend?" Then they turned around. My heart started fluttering and I had to go hide until I was able to act normal again. Then I had to act surprised, saying, "Amanda?" (feigned shock in voice) "Is that you? I haven't seen you since St. Patty's Day!"

Then I told her about how on that day she dropped a $50 on me in our dropbox that we don't use. She apologized profusely but it was okay. Then we talked about DT annoyances. I think I smell slashy-fic here!

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