July 8, 2002

GooberBoy is insane! This is new idea: the closers get to prep for the day! We have to prep tacos (10 trays), Chicken Whopper Jrs (4 trays), Chicken Whoppers (8 trays), pies (both Apple and Hershey's), Griller Buns (8 bags) and refill the ketchup, mustard, Smokehouse sauce, Bulls-Eye BBQ sauce and the Black Stack BBQ sauce. As if we don't have enough to do already! And the day people get off so easily. I mean, if they have a sinkful of dishes, they can let it slide because they know that we (closers) can't leave until the entire place is spotless! They get off too easily.

But I guess I can't complain too much. GooberBoy is lobbying our DM to get a night-time CL. If he does that, I would happily fill out the management app and they would happily promote me. But it can only happen if and/or when GooberBoy officially gets a night-time CL.

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