August 8, 2002
GooberBoy and the Men's Bathroom

No, these two have NOTHING in common. First GooberBoy though.

For some reason if GooberBoy says ANYTHING to me lately I wanna bust out in tears! Like take today for instance. I have a certain way I do DT and you just don't mess with a person's routine. (Espeically mine, it totally screws me up!) But anyway, so we're racing another store for the dinner hour 6-7p (because the AM there wanted to, we kicked their butts by the way), and we're about half way thru the hour, and I always grab the straws out of the bags when the people put them in there. Hey, I like to give people their soda and straw together! And GooberBoy's all "you know, you can leave the straw in the bag..." AAAARRRRGGGG!!! I just wanted to smack him upside his balding head! I mean, "YOU DO NOT TELL ME HOW TO RUN MY DRIVE THRU!!!! I'VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR 10 MONTHS STRAIGHT NOW ALMOST EVERY DANG NIGHT I WORK!!!!!" That's what I WANTED to tell him, but instead I almost broke out in tears! I mean, it was totally uncalled for and unnecessary. He just wanted to be on a power trip I guess. He also has the NERVE yesterday to counsel me on my fry technique! See, he told Miss Jackie to watch me last night on how I dished out fries because apparently our "fry yield" (how many small bags of fries we get a case) is way off. Anywho, he pulled me back and talked to me about "fry yield" and then said that "he does like 90% of the fries during the day, Miss Jackie does like 50% at night and so I do about the other 50% and this is where we should be and this is where we are and so this means that we're using a ton more fries than we should..." AAAARRRRGGGGG!!!!! I mean, he showed me about 2 months ago how he wanted fries done and I have been doing them that EXACT way since that point! And yet again, after he told me this, I wanted to cry!

Now, the men's restroom. Do you remember the excuse: "I have explosive diarrhea?" Well, I had to clean that up today! It was disgusting! It seriously looked like someone pooped all on the wall behind the toilet in the men's bathroom! It took me almost an hour and a half to clean it all up!!!!!! It was sooooo gross!!!!! And the only reason I did it was because the rest of the crew was too chicken to do anything about it! And they said it smelled really bad! Well, after like 2 minutes of being in there, I was soooo high on chemical fumes I couldn't smell anything but the chemicals I was using!! And for some strange reason, the only thing that would take it off the tile was santizer water! I had degreaser (didn't work), glass cleaner (kinda worked) and odor neutralizer (for the smell when I was done). And this is industrial strength stuff!

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