October 18, 2002
Game Night

I HATE GAME NIGHTS! Reason: the high school football games are played literally right down the street so when they get out, at 10p, we get a rush of people inside and in DT. So for most of the night we were dead and I managed to get a ton cleaned, but just when I was going to take the trash out, a group walks in. GREAT! So I wound up behind on my dining room.

Also, there are some employees who think they should get free food when they come and because I'm the newbie they decided to try and pressure me into it. Ain't gonna happen on my shift!

On top of all of this, I find out that next weekend (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) I have to close with Paul! Oh great! Mr. Big-Boss Man. Just need to beat down the person who does their schedules! The ONLY 3 days I work are the days that Paul closes! Wonderful! Just and more stress to my life!

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