October 24, 2002
World Series?

I hate the World Series just as much as I hate game nights! I mean, because the World Series was on tonight, we got slammed because EVERYONE didn't want to cook! I get called by PAUL (because he's closing) at 2:30. I'm not even out of school yet! But when I finally get home and call him, he asks me when I can come in and I tell him. So I'm there an hour early for my shift and of course I bug the man so that I can have dinner for free because he took my dinner time!

The whole reason PAUL is there is because he's training a new manager, Shawn. Not that Shawn needs that much training. He pretty much knows it all now anyway. PAUL just basicall sits back and watches. But when I came in, PAUL was on boards (where the burgers are made) and I get thrown on DT. The dishes were piled practically to the ceiling. When PAUL finally came out to help me expedite, he was getting upset over tags not being thrown away. That's when I knew that he was having a rough day!

On top of that. My drawer was over $700 tonight and I had to do a $400 drop after only 2 hours! The average check (average amount that people paid for their food) was $7.77! Now, normally, the average check at this store is about $6 or $7 because a lot of people order a lot of food at one time! But to make me feel better, my dinner DT time (6-7p) was 3:08! Woohoo!!!! But the accum time (total average time for the whole day) was something like 5 minutes! That just goes to show you how much the OTHER HOURS in the day matter too! I hope Saturday isn't this bad! But at least tomorrow, WALNUT's gonna get it because it's the local high schools playing against each other at the University! =P~

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