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The last update took place on:
August 10, 2002

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Quotes from AJ

  • "69...it's my lucky number..."
  • "Bring on the women!"
  • "Each one of us makes sure that the others keep their head on straight. We don't let anyone act like he's better than anyone else, and we always give each other a chance to shine. There's no Backstreet Boy better than any other Backstreet Boys. We are all equally talented."
  • "Except when I'm asleep--Then I'm naked."
  • "I always used to take my blanket. I've had it for 14 years, and it went everywhere with me. My great-great grandmother made it for me. But one day, I left it in a hotel. It looked like a rag, and it got thrown away."
  • "I can't have kids anymore."
  • "I fell off the stage...it hurt."
  • "I had my first kiss when I was four. I kissed my next door neighbor's daughter and then I ran away!"
  • "I like a woman who isnít afraid to do something on the spur of the moment--like go skydiving, or white-water rafting, or make love naked on a beach in Tahiti. Something just totally off the wall!"
  • "I like the kind of girl who'll let me do everything for her."
  • "I love it...You can walk around naked and nobody cares."--talking about his new house.
  • "I love you all!"
  • "I sleep in the buff."
  • "I think Nick started to pick up a funny accent when we were in Australia. He started to sound like Crocodile Dundee."
  • "I want a divorce!"
  • "I wouldn't want cameras in my toilet, especially if I'd had too many beans. That would be an atrocious sight!"
  • "I'm not good at keeping secrets, so don't tell me any."
  • "I've never blown my nose"
  • "If I fell in love with a girl, I'd write her a poem--right away!"
  • "Like a virgin...oh. Hey! Sorry, had a breath of Madonna there."
  • "Music is love, love is music, music is my life, I love my life. Thank you and good night."
  • "Nick's gonna be on a sugar rush."
  • "Or wait, maybe, MAYBE we could get, like, Justin Timberlake from *N Sync to be in it!"--joking with JoJo of KISS FM in LA about a cameo appearance of a mega sexy star in the DWYB video, if the song takes off.
  • "To all the fans in Germany. I'm alive but I can't have kids anymore."
  • "Usually girls have a really sensitive side, so you can go mushy on them."
  • "We get paid to love her."
  • "We've really focused on not taking our fans for granted. You can't get caught up with it becasue there is on way to please everybody, but when we can, we like to give the fans some special attention in order to give a little something back."
  • "Welcome to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Mr. Rogers couldn't be here today. I'll be taking his place!"
  • "When I see an attractive girl, I look at her eyes if she's looking at me, but if she's not, I look at her booty. I watch it go from side to side. It doesn't matter what size it is but...Yeah, I know, I'm a man. I'm sorry."
  • "Why do I get all the nasty questions?"
  • "Why do men have nipples? For girls to kiss!"
  • "Wow! She can dance better than Brian!"
  • "You see Howie, that's how you gotta do it ma, Howie, Howie! Yo yo, D!"
  • "Y'all like me? Y'all REALLY like me?"
  • "This is my brother Phil, and my brother Bill...Don't make 'em angry..."