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The last update took place on:
May 18, 2001

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THEY'RE BAAAAAACK!!!! A lot of people thought BSB disappeared off the face of the earth. When you look back on it, they were still around, just not very visible. The video for "THE ONE" ran for the entire summer. And then the BURGER KING PROMOTION started and a month after that, we got a brand new single on the radio followed by a new video and then a new ablum. And to think the BOYS were worried that no one would be in Times Square to greet them! So now the BOYS are back, LARGER THAN LIFE, bigger and better than ever, but there have been some rumors flying around.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the BSB breaking up, going their separate ways, not doing any more together. This is absolutely false! First off, they have a contract! Don't you all remember? 5 albums, odd years, $60 million! Jive isn't gonna let them breach contract like that. Granted they do have their own label now, KBNHA, but they HAVE TO finish with Jive first. Secondly, if they are going to do anything, they are going to TAKE A BREAK! This is something they all need. They've spent the past EIGHT YEARS together. That's almost half of NICK's young life! BRIAN and KEVIN are now married and probably want to start working on families. NICK has a band, BORN INTO KAOS that he manages. AJ of course will more than likely do another JOHNNY NO-NAME tour. And HOWIE, well, HOWIE has CLUB TABU to play with. And remember, they all have their various charities that they founded/support. So a break is something that they need and deserve!

I don't know about most fans out there, but I am not going to give up on the BSB so easily. I know they love us. They tell us every chance they get. And they also tell us that no matter what happens, BACKSTREET will always come first! So I'm gonna KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE! I am a PROUD MEMBER OF THE BLACK AND BLUE ARMY!

"So everybody everywhere
Don't be afraid, don't have no fear
I'm gonna tell the world, make it understand,
As long as there'll be music we'll be coming back again"

"So here we are
And we'll always stay together
And through it all
You know we owe it all to you"