July 11, 2001


Dear Johnny:

Hi. I just wanted to tell you that I'm really proud of you for doing what you're doing and getting help and all. See, but then again, you've been in prison, you've cleaned yourself up before, so I have tons of faith in you.

I am one of those lovely ladies who wish to see you in concert. See, I am the biggest Johnny No-Name fan there can be, yet I've never seen you perform and I've only heard the tiniest piece of you singing "Brick House", which by the way was awesome! When Brian said on Rosie that you were born in England, I so wanted to open up a can of "whoop ass" on him, but I bet he'll never forget it now!

So, now I know my timing is horrible, but your site isn't working yet. Granted it's way way way way better than before the upgrade (I actually get pictures now), but there are still some things that need work, like the "where would you like to see Johnny next" link. So, when you get your ass out of rehab and the Backstreet Boys stop touring and you decide to do another tour, could you please keep it in mind that NORTHERN CALIFORNIA needs some JOHNNY love too?

Just thought I'd throw that at you.

By the way, send my love to AJ. I stand behind both of you in this troubling time. Get well soon, because this lovely lady needs some JOHNNY LOVE, baby!

Lovely lady,


Backstreet Becca