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The last update took place on:
July 14, 2001

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Nick Fics

Reminder: These stories are fiction. Many of them take place from the first person (or I) perspective. Some may have a few sceens inspired by actual events but nothing involving the Backstreet Boys. I have never met them. So please keep that in mind as you read on. Thank you.

Title: All I Have to Give
Author: B-Rek
Style: General
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This story is based on a bit of fact. It was before I found out that I would be going to see the BSB in Sacramento and on March 17. The story takes place on March 18, 2001 in San Diego, California. My boyfriend is supposed to meet me at a local McDonald's, but he never shows. A mysterious stranger helps dust me off and listens to my problems. He presents me with an envelope and says I can't open it until I get to the concert that night. Who is this stranger, and what's in the envelope? Only time will tell.

Title: Guilty Pleasure
Author: B-Rek
Style: Vizzie
Rating: R for sexual situations and language.
Summary: Nick askes Brian to help in his little tryst with his girlfriend. In helping, Brian needs some help of his own. Nick's girlfriend, Carlie offers her services, but will Brian take her up on it and ruin his marriage with his wife, Leighanne?

Title: More Than That
Author: B-Rek
Style: Song Story
Rating: PG
Summary: Finding his friend out on the beach on what was supposed to be her wedding day, Nick follows her, hoping she won't do what he thinks she will. He knows she's hurting and he longs to show her exactly how he feels. Will he tell her before it's too late?

Title: Nick and Sheri
Author: B-Rek
Style: General
Rating: PG
Summary: I had been dating Nick Carter for two years before he started taking off his clothes for me. Well, it was for me and Andre really. I was a model and enjoyed doing nude photographs and had finally talked Nick into it, telling him there would be no way that the photos would ever get out because I locked the proofs, prints and negatives in my room. Well, then the unthinkable happens. The National Enquirer gets their hands on our photos. Everyone is understandably shocked, but the one person who can't take it is my father.