In Bed with Brian

Wanna know what Brian's likes about girls, kisses, what drives him crazy, what his biggest secret is? Then read on.

When he is alone with a girl: He loves to give and receive caresses everywhere.
What he likes the most: Getting carried away. He loves that his girl takes the first step and to him her wishes are commands.
He does not like: Girls that provoke him and then say no.
His kisses: Are direct, intense and short and are usually followed by a big smile. He also likes to kiss with his eyes open to see the face he loves.
What drives him crazy: Receiving and giving kisses in the neck and ears.
He looks: At a girl's cleavage. He loves girls with curves and feminine forms.
He likes to start: Talking. He would never get to a girl only to sleep with her or make out in public. He needs time and intimacy to break the ice.
His favorite sensation: Attempting to guess what she feels by only looking into her eyes.
His intimate dream: Being kidnapped by Pamela Anderson only for half an hour.
His strongest confession: "The most wild thing I have done in my life was having sex in a sauna, you can imagine how hot it was!"
With or without light?: Without. Darkness makes everything more excited.
The best place: "A water bed. It makes a lot of noise but it is fun"
He does not like: That in the middle of the romance the girl asks questions like "What do you feel?", "You like it?" or "Am I beautiful?".