Brian and Leighanne's Wedding

Hey everyone! Remember when Brian got engaged? Well, I found our theme song: Lee Ann Womack's I'll Think of a Reason Later. Every so often, you come across a song that you've heard a million times but this particular time you hear it, it makes you think. That happened to me with the Journey song Faithfully. It seems to fit Brian and Leighanne, as well as Kevin and Kristin. Also, I managed to jot down the lyrics to the song Brian sang to Leighanne. The song is called You Are. All kidding aside, here are articles about Brian and Leighanne Littrell's wedding. I have tried my best to include the sources. Thanks to Karine for sending these out.

Source: Worldpop
Author: Unknown

Speculation is increasing that today is the day Backstreet Boy Brian Litrell will marry his fiancée Leighanne Wallace after US newspaper, the New York Daily News, claimed that by this evening the couple will be husband and wife.

A Backstreet Boys spokesman confirmed the couple are to wed very soon although he explained that the actual day is being kept a secret from everyone including their record company to reduce publicity surrounding the event. And in a recent interview, Leighanne explained that both she and Brian hoped the event would be 'as intimate as possible' and much like the very private wedding of Bri's cousin Kevin Richardson.

However, Leighanne did reveal a few details about the day, reporting that the wedding will take place near Atlanta, Georgia, close to where she and Brian live, and that her two sisters will be maids of honour. Leighanne is set to wear a wedding gown designed by Vera Wang, who was also responsible for Victoria Beckham's wedding dress.

Brian and Leighanne are pretty much inseparable these days, as the duo are currently hard at work on the soundtrack for their film, Olive Juice. As worldpop reported earlier in the summer, the film stars Leighanne while Brian co-produces and even makes a brief appearance himself. Despite difficulties finding a distributor, the project is underway and the latest cameo role comes from one of Brian's dogs!

The new Backstreet Boys album will be released this autumn.

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Aisle of Paradise
Backstreet Boy Gets Married
The Associated Press

ATLANTA, Sept. 3 — One of the members of the Backstreet Boys got married Saturday.

Band member Brian Littrell married Leighanne Wallace at Peachtree Christian Church in Midtown at 6 p.m.

White and black stretch limousines brought about 300 people to the ceremony. The couple, who bought a house earlier this year in an Atlanta suburb, was able to get married without the usual mob of young fans that follow the band.

Littrell and Wallace met in Los Angeles in 1997 when she appeared in the Backstreet Boys video "As Long As You Love Me."

Wallace grew up in Marietta. Her mother and stepfather, Shirley and Jack Tolbert, still live there.

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Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Backstreet Boy takes a Marietta bride
Author: Richard L. Eldredge - Staff
Date: Sunday, September 3, 2000

Backstreet Boy Brian Thomas Littrell used a side street door as he made his debut as a married man Saturday night.

The member of the world's biggest selling boy band married Marietta native and actress Leighanne Reena Wallace during a 6 p.m. candlelit ceremony at Peachtree Christian Church Church in Midtown.

And the couple, who already have a house together in North Fulton, somehow managed to marry away from the screaming mobs of young fans who usually accompany Backstreet Boys' public appearances.

White and black stretch limousines deposited about 300 formally attired guests in front of the church just prior to the wedding while six Atlanta Police officers monitored the area.

Inside, the bride walked down the aisle in a Vera Wang-designed, white satin tight-bodiced gown which flowed outward from the waist. The groom and his groomsmen wore charcoal gray tuxedoes and top hats during the traditional 35-minute ceremony. Littrell removed his hat during his vows.

The ceremony featured a fairytale-themed poem written by Tracy Hext, the bride's sister. All four of Littrell's bandmates, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, A.J. McLean and Littrell's cousin Kevin Richardson along with his new wife Kristin Willits attended the service.

After the ceremony, Littrell and Wallace stepped into a vintage black-and-white Rolls Royce with "Just Married" scripted on the back.

Littrell, 25, met Wallace, 30, in Los Angeles in 1997 when the Backstreet Boys were shooting a video for the song "As Long As You Love Me," in which Wallace appeared.

"Leighanne wanted a gorgeous, fairytale wedding and she got one," said Christy Clark, a friend of Wallace from Atlanta, after the service. "She was absolutely stunning."

The celebrity-filled wedding party was escoreted by a police motorcade escort to the reception at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The couple rented the entire fourth floor of the hotel on 14th Street for the occasion. Guests wore beige Velcro wristbands and showed identification to gain entrance to the gathering. When attendees stepped off the hotel elevator onto the floor, they were greeted with a large sign resting on an easel that read: "No Photographs. No autographs."

The J Michael Davis Sound Flights big band played swing music as guests paused to admire a white gazebo adorned with starlight bulbs, the showcase for the couple's cake. Delicate white flowers decorated the chairs and tables set up for the 350 guests.

Backstreet Boys fans have been in overdrive in chat rooms on the band's various Internet website since the couple got engaged Christmas night 1999 at her family's home in Marietta.

Originally from Lexington, KY, Littrell has recently relocated to Atlanta. The couple held Friday's rehearsal dinner was held at their 46-acre spread in North Fulton.

"There's no place like Atlanta. I'm glad to be back," Wallace said recently. "Brian and I want to make a life and a home here. "People here are really great, although when we go out sometimes I'll tell him 'Baby, put on some sunglasses.' He's got really great eyes and they always give him away when we're out somewhere."

Wallace's mom and stepdad, Shirley and Jack Tolbert, live in a modest neighborhood in Marietta, full of Georgia pines and ferns. The family lives in a corner two-story house on a circle of 1960s and 1970s vintage dwellings. Neighbors say the home has seen its share of activity in recent months, with visitors arriving in Mercedes and BMW automobiles.

Friday night, Jack Tolbert was somewhat philosophical: "You know these young kids get so much attention. I guess too much of anything is a bad thing."

The Backstreet Boys' latest album, "Millennium" has sold more than 12 million copies in the U.S. and their 1999-2000 tour sold-out arenas across the country. The newlyweds won't have much downtime. Littrell's band recently finished work on their third as-yet-untitled album due out Nov. 21. The act will also be busy shooting a video and organizing its next tour.

Wallace has had small roles in the film "Wild America," the TV series "Silk Stalkings" and "One Life to Live" and the music video "Here's a Quarter" by fellow Georgian Travis Tritt. She recently finished filming "Olive Juice," an independent romantic comedy in which Littrell has a cameo.

While the wedding was perhaps the city's best kept secret this weekend, the looming Littrell-Wallace union was a main topic of conversation backstage Saturday afternoon at the "YM Fashion & Music Explosion" event at the Mall of Georgia in Buford. Backstreet Boys creator Lou Pearlman's latest budding boy band and the stars of the ABC reality series "Making the Band," O-Town were the star attraction at the outdoor concert.

"We're staying at the same hotel as the wedding party!" said O-Town member Ashley Parker Angel.

O-Town publicist Stephanie Jones used to work for the Backstreet Boys when the act was signed with the Pearlman-owned TransContinental Companies.

"I've known them for years and I was thrilled when I found out about it this morning," Jones said. "The O-Town guys wanted to know if they could crash the reception and we told them they couldn't. I think that would have attracted just a little attention."

Translation: about 1,200 shrieking girls were trailing O-Town around the mall's outdoor pavilion Saturday afternoon.

Staff writers Shane Harrison, Patricia Guthrie and Gracie Bonds Staples contributed to this article.

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Source: The Orlando Sentinel
Security tight for Backstreet wedding
Author: Unknown
Date: September 03, 2000

We hear the Backstreet Boys convened in the Atlanta area this weekend for the wedding of Brian Littrell and Leighanne Wallace.

The couple were so concerned about preteen security breaches and paparazzi party-poopers that they had everyone anywhere near the half-million dollar event sign confidentiality agreements. So details will have to wait.

Wallace -- who is from the Atlanta area, where the couple has bought a 46-acre spread -- told the Sentinel earlier that she was planning a wedding for 200. The 31-year-old proud owner of a 3-carat engagement ring didn`t ask the boys to sing because she wanted them to relax and have a good time.

Look for exclusive video of the career-savvy actress`s Vera Wang wedding dress on "Entertainment Tonight."

Best wishes to them both.

For those of you keeping count, that`s two Backstreet Boys down and three to go.

Band Member Brian Littrell Marries Longtime Love
Author: Unknown

Sept. 3 - Wedding bells were the music of choice for the Backstreet Boys Saturday, as another one of the teen hearthrobs tied the knot. Band member Brian Littrell married actress Leighanne Wallace at Peachtree Christian Church in the brides' hometown Atlanta. White and black stretch limousines brought about 300 people to the ceremony, which was kept quiet enough to avoid the usual mob of young fans that follow the chart topping band.

Teenage girls may soon be looking for another set of bachelors to dream about, as this is the second Backstreet wedding of the summer. Littrell's cousin, Kevin Richardson, married his longtime girlfriend, dancer Kristin Willits in early June. Both engagements were announced on MTV in February, just after Valentine's day. Littrell and Wallace bought a house earlier this year in an Atlanta suburb. They met in Los Angeles in 1997 when she appeared in the Backstreet Boys video "As Long As You Love Me." Wallace has also appeared in films including "My Fellow Americans."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Backstreet Brian weds
The Associated Press

ATLANTA (September 3, 2000 2:34 p.m. EDT - Another Backstreet Boy is spoken for.

The pop group's Brian Littrell, 25, was married Saturday to Leighanne Wallace, 31,who was an extra on the set of the 1997 Backstreet Boys video "As Long As You Love Me." About 300 people attended the ceremony.

The couple bought a house earlier this year in an Atlanta suburb. Group member Kevin Richardson, Littrell's cousin, wed earlier this year.

Source: E! Online
Backstreeter Brian gets hitched to actress Leighanne Wallace; only three BSB bachelors remain
Updated 1:30 AM ET September 4, 2000
Author: Marcus Errico

Hurry up, girls. There are now only three eligible Backstreet Boys left.

The number of BSB bachelors was reduced Saturday when Brian Littrell tied the knot with actress Leighanne Wallace in the bride's hometown of Atlanta.

All four of Littrell's bandmates--Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, A.J. McLean and cousin Kevin Richardson (accompanied by new wife Kristin Willits)--were among the 300 in attendance at the candlelit ceremony at Peachtree Christian Church, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The 30-year-old bride was wrapped in a white satin Vera Wang number, while Littrell, 25, and his groomsmen wore charcoal gray tuxes complete with top hats (seriously).

A reception (in true rock 'n' roll backstage fashion, wristbands were required for admittance) followed at the local Four Seasons, with the wedding party taking up the entire fourth floor. A swing band provided the evening's soundtrack.

No immediate word on honeymoon plans.

Littrell met Wallace while shooting the band's 1997 video "As Long As You Love Me," in which she was an extra. She's also appeared in such TV series as "Silk Stockings" and "One Life to Live." They were engaged last Christmas and recently bought a house in suburban Atlanta.

Littrell is the second Backstreeter to forgo bachelorhood this summer. Richardson got hitched in June to longtime steady, Willits, a dancer.

* * *

Source: Worldpop
Brian Backstreet becomes a husband
Author: Unknown

It's official, Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell got hitched to his fiancée Leighanne on Saturday, as worldpop exclusively predicted last week.

The 35-minute candlelit ceremony took place at Peachtree Christian Church in Atlanta, Georgia at 6pm. As worldpop had already revealed, Leighanne was wearing a white satin dress designed by Vera Wang, while Brian sported a traditional charcoal grey tuxedo and matching top hat, which he removed only to say his vows. The service included a fairytale-themed poem written especially for the occasion by Leighanne's sister, Tracy.

Fellow Backstreet Boys Nick, AJ, Howie and Bri's cousin Kev accompanied by his own new wife, Kristin, were among the 300 guests at the wedding. After the ceremony, Brian's friends and family were transported in black and white stretch limousines escorted by a police motorcade to a reception at the Four Seasons Hotel where the wedding party took over the entire 4th floor. Guests had to wear beige velcro wristbands to gain admittance to the party but once inside they were treated to a sumptuous meal and entertained by the J Michael Davis Sound Flights Big Band.

After the reception, Brian and Leighanne were whisked away in a vintage black and white Rolls Royce with 'just married' etched on the back. It has not been confirmed whether or not the couple are to honeymoon, but if they are we can guarantee the location is a closely-guarded secret!

Bye Bye Bye Backstreet Bachelor Brian
Author: C. Bottomley

While fans of 'N Sync no doubt cackled and threw a few more eyes of newt into a cauldron, Backstreet Boys fans everywhere beat themselves senseless with their Kevin Richardson-approved truncheon. Because Brian Littrell - he of the blonde hair and other-worldly cheekbones - married his girlfriend Leighanne Wallace before 300 people in midtown Atlanta this weekend.

Among the guests who assembled for the 6 PM wedding at the Peachtree Christian Church on Saturday (Sept. 2) were the four other Backstreet Boys, with newlywed Kevin appearing alongside wife Kristin Willits. Although none of the Boys' fans seemed to have caught wind of the nuptials, six Atlanta police officers were on hand to provide security as the guests arrived in black and white stretch limos.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Richard Eldredge, Leighanne wore "a Vera Wang-designed, white satin tight-bodiced gown which flowed outward from the waist." Littrell was clad in a top hat and charcoal gray tux. After the ceremony, Brian and Leighanne left in a Rolls Royce reading "Just Married" on the back.

Brian Littrell and Leighanne Wallace first met on the set for the "As Long As You Love Me" video in 1997, where Wallace appeared as an extra. She has since gone on to appear in Silk Stockings and the new film Olive Juice, which includes a cameo by Littrell. Unusually for rock star pairings, Wallace is 30 - meaning she's five years Littrell's senior.

The newlyweds will make their home in North Fulton, Ga., where they bought a house earlier this year. Brian and Leighanne's relationship faced one of its toughest trials in July, when their two Chihuahuas Lil' Tyk Thomas and Litty Leigh were dog-napped. Despite's best efforts to convince Brian to get a manlier hound like a Doberman, Littrell himself coordinated the search effort and the dogs were returned.

Hopefully the union will fare better than the Backstreet Boys' solo projects. Despite a well-received tour earlier this year, A.J. has postponed his September tour as Johnny No-Name until December. Howie Dorough, according to the Backstreet Boys Band's Web site is making only two solo appearances in Puerto Rico and Buenos Aires. The concerts, on Sept. 13 and Sept. 15 respectively, will benefit Lupus research.

* * *

Source: ET
Labor Day Wedding Weekend!
Author: Unknown

In other wedding news, another Backstreet Boy ties the knot. ET heard from BRIAN LITTRELL, one of the members of the pop singing group, THE BACKSTREET BOYS, that he married actress LEIGHANNE WALLACE on Saturday. Littrell, 25, met Wallace, 31 on the set of the group's music video, "As Long As You Love Me" last year. ET has all details on everything from the rings to the wedding dress. Brian's wedding band featured white and yellow diamonds, while the bride wore a simple diamond band to compliment her 3-karat canary diamond engagement ring. The bride looked stunning in a Vera Wang dress described as a period piece with a cape and a corset with intricate stitching and full skirt. Brian and his groomsmen wore top hats during the ceremony. There were 7 bridesmaids for the nuptials.

More than 300 people attended the ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia. The couple bought a house earlier this year in an Atlanta suburb. Littrell's cousin, KEVIN RICHARDSON, who is also a member of the group, was married in June.

Source: MTV
Backstreet Boy Littrell Ties The Knot
Author: Sorelle Saidman

Two down, three to go. Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell tied the knot with girlfriend Leighanne Wallace during a traditional candlelit ceremony held at the Peachtree Christian Church in Atlanta on Saturday, September 2.

According to a report in "The Atlanta Journal-Constitution," Wallace wore a gown by noted bridal designer Vera Wang, while the groom and his entourage wore charcoal gray suits and top hats.

The paper reports that 300 guests, including all four Backstreet bandmates, attended the 35-minute media- and fan-free service, which was followed by a reception held on a reserved floor of the local Four Seasons Hotel. In a move that branded it a celebrity wedding, guests coming off the elevator were greeted by a sign that read "No photographs, no autographs."

Kentucky native Littrell, 25, met Georgia native Wallace, 31, in 1997 when she appeared in the BSB video "As Long As You Love Me." Wallace has also had small roles in the film "Wild America," TV's "Silk Stalkings" and "One Life To Live," and the video "Here's A Quarter" by fellow Georgian Travis Tritt.

Wallace and Littrell (not to mention their Chihuahua) recently finished filming "Olive Juice," an independent romantic comedy. Littrell has a cameo role as a cab driver in the flick, and a trailer is available for viewing on the movie's official Web site (

According to a recent radio interview with the other married BSB, Kevin Richardson, the group is planning to tour again starting in late February.

The third Backstreet Boys album is due in stores on November 21.

* * *

Source: Rolling Stone Daily
Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell Gets Hitched
Author: Unknown
Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2000

BRIAN LITTRELL became the second BACKSTREET BOY to get married (following KEVIN RICHARDSON), when he exchanged vows with actress LEIGHANNE WALLACE Saturday at a church in Atlanta. Band mates Richardson, NICK CARTER, HOWIE DOROUGH and A.J. McLEAN were all in attendance. Littrell and Wallace became engaged in December.

Source: Worldpop
Backstreet man and wife.
Author: Unknown

What with pop stars divorcing all over the shop, you'd be forgiven for losing your faith in romance. Well fear not, Brian Backstreet and his new wife Leighanne are determined to keep love alive whatever the rest of the world are doing. The duo shared their first dance together as man and wife to a new country ballad called "I'd Do That" which was chosen by Brian especially because of its lyrics: 'A knight in armour would draw his sword, to defend the woman he adored. Lay down his life in nothing flat, I'd do that.' All together now, aaaaah!

* * *


Elton John's Backstreet wedding gift

What kind of wedding gift would flamboyant super star Elton John buy for his Backstreet buddy Brian Littrell? Littrell's new bride Leighanne has spilled the beans. The couple registered at stores including Dillards, Macy's, and Pottery Barn, but Sir Elton went the flashy route. According to the new Mrs. Littrell, the mega star sent them two lovely Versace vases, which the blushing bride says are beautiful.

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Source: Bop Magazine
Brian Bares It All
Author: Unknown
Date: Unknown

Just after 25-year-old Brian Littrell and his buds finished recording their fly new CD "Black and Blue," he headed down to Atlanta, Georgia where he married Leighanne Wallace. As soon as the sandy blonde topped fella said "I do," Brian admits his wild side was unleashed, and the good ol' boy from Kentucky briefly took on a rather revealing persona. "I went nude on my honeymoon," he grins. YOWZA! But didn't that turn into a major tourist attraction? "No," he laughs. "We had a private beach down in Fiji called Devil's Beach, and it was lovely." Even though B-Rok got a little adventurous on his vacay, it looks like it was the exception to his usually well behaved self. "That's probably the craziest thing I've ever done," he vows.

* * *

Source: In Style Magazine
Author: Honor Brodie
Date: February, 2001

No one else comes close, thought Backstreet Boy BRIAN LITTRELL when he saw actress LEIGHANNE WALLACE at a video shoot--a sentiment he put into a song at their wedding.

That noise you heard on September 2 was the sound of thousands of hearts breaking, when Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell wed Leighanne Wallace. "She knocked me off my feet the first time I saw her," says Littrell, 26, who met the actress in 1997 when the Boys were casting the video of "As Long As You Love Me." Leighanne got the part and, two years later, won a far more important role--that of Brian's wife. She planned a celebration befitting the Prince Charming of hip-pop and his Cinderella. "We wanted a fairy-tale wedding," explains Wallace, 31. The event isn't their only project together; both appear in the comedy Olive Juice opening this month. Still, it's their offscreen collaboration they cherish most. Says Brian: "I've always wanted what my parents have--a wonderful marriage."

The engagement: On Christmas night 1999, at Leighanne's family home in Marietta, Ga., Brian gave her a canary-yellow diamond ring made by Chris Vanoy and Jerry Brickman from Brian's design.

The reception: After the ceremony at Atlanta's Peachtree Christian Church, the 300 guests left for a reception at the Four Seasons hotel that included a buffet dinner, dancing and Brian's surprise performance of a song he wrote for his bride called "You Are." (She cried.)

The bride wore: Wallace chose an ivory silk faille dress by Vera Wang. "I wanted a dress with the feel of Dangerous Liaisons, and she made my dream come true," Leighanne says. When his bride walked down the aisle, Brian says, "I was speechless."