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The last update took place on:
July 3, 2002

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Top Ten Lists

Why I Like Brian

Why Brian Should Play in the NBA

Things Not to do While Standing in Line for BSB Concert Tickets

Signs You've Listened to "Millennium" Too Many Times

Why Being an Older Fan Rocks

Reasons Not to But a BSB Fan While Watching Anything BSB

Signs You're Being Stalked by AJ McLean

Signs You're Being Stalked by Nick Carter

Other Lists

Twelve Step Program for Husbands of BSB Fans

You Know Howie is Gonna Get Married When...

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Like Brain

  1. He's a miracle and he's my angel.
  2. He's got tattoos, his ears ar pierced and he's religious.
  3. He's got a bod to die for.
  4. Did I mention he's cute?
  5. He lists Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight as inspriations.
  6. He can sing.
  7. He's so very cute.
  8. He can play basketball.
  9. His bandmates call him Rok and it sounds so cute.
  10. He's cute.

Top 10 Reasons Brian Should Be In The NBA

  1. Have you SEEN the boy play??????? Good LORD...We know what Brian would've done had he not been a BSB!
  2. He and Tyk could do Taco Bell commercials together.
  3. Air B-Rok...I'd buy 'em.
  4. Dammit if he wouldn't make every free throw he's got...boy got skills!
  5. Summer tours with the Boys, B-ball for fall/winter...it all works out.
  6. Just would either kiss his butt or be REALLY jealous.
  7. He'd be the shortest record holder for most dunks in a single game.
  8. He would be all up in the cameras makin' faces during halftime...stop the cuteness!
  9. Maybe then we could get some more glimpses of his good-lookin' brother...
  10. No need to hire someone...he could sing the national anthem every game!


Top 10 Things NOT to do While Waiting in Line For Tickets for a BSB Concert

  1. Keep asking what we're standing in line for.
  2. Pay with a credit card....IT SLOWS THINGS DOWN CASH PEOPLE!!!!!
  3. Eat a huge breakfast and then stand in the heat for 4 hours....can we say puke?
  4. Keep asking the store manager when tickets go on sale.
  5. Put a sign on your back that says "We're 4th in line....HA HA!"
  6. Announce that AJ is yours.
  7. Talk on the phone the whole damn time.
  8. Seem like you know everything to the fans standing with you.
  9. Blast *NSYNC.
  10. Don't sit there with an attitude and paint your nails.


Top Ten Signs You've Listened to "Millennium" Too Many Times

  1. Ask people, "What the hell is with this Y2K thing?! The Millennium already started on May 18, 1999!"
  2. Everytime you hear "I Want It That Way" on the radio, you automatically assume "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" is coming on right after it.
  3. You own more than one copy of it: the Japanese Version, the Australian Version, the Asian Version...and they said it was going to be the same album everywhere!?!?
  4. The lyrics to "I Want It That Way" make perfect sense to you.
  5. You have the numbers 5483-5433-86-3855378-367-843-388873-47-722723 memorized and use that as your favorite quote.
  6. "The Perfect Fan" makes you bawl like a baby.
  7. You start laughing like AJ at the beginning of "Larger Than Life".
  8. Friends have noticed you wearing WHITE clothing A LOT lately.
  9. You've started to think that that "baby-its-the-way-you-make-me-kinda-get-me-go-crazy" is sort of cute now...
  10. You see all this "185 days to the Millennium" stuff everywhere and get confused.

From LdyeShalot@aol.com.

Top Ten Reasons Why Being An Older Fan Rocks

  1. I could do everything to them and they could do everything to me...and it's not illegal. (Well, it might be in some US states... LMAO!)
  2. We're the same age group as the Boys.
  3. To us, ALL the songs have sexual connotations.
  4. We can get into the clubs where they go and party and drink with them.
  5. We don't get in trouble with our parents for flying to Orlando.
  6. Our signs say something more original than "I love you Nick".
  7. We are taller than all the teenyboppers and stick out in the crowd.
  8. We can actually talk to the guys because we know English. We can sing along and also understand the lyrics.
  9. We're not deluding ourselves that we will one day marry one of the guys. (Okay, sometimes we do, but come on, it's fun!)
  10. We can drive to concerts ourselves.

From mwolff76@hotmail.com.

Top 10 Reasons Not To Bug a BSB Fan while Watching Anything BSB

  1. We LOVE BSB and if you do anything that's makes us miss a part we'll hurt you very hard you'll think twice about ever doing that again!
  2. Touch us and we'll smack you just cuz.
  3. We'll go to the extreme when wanting to change the channel to an MTV rerun of them even if it takes jumping on somebody's back and fighting for the remote.
  4. When tryin' to communicate you'll get diddly squat.
  5. If you even try to talk to us we'd give you feedback like "Bite me" or "What?"
  6. If you touch the remote we'll kick your ass!
  7. We'd be so into it we'd say stuff like "I like AJ" w/ drool sliding down our mouths.
  8. Ask me any question and I'll answer you "What would BSB say?"
  9. We could snap within seconds and bite your head off!
  10. It's as annoying as hell!

From Pinay287@aol.com.

Top 10 Signs You're Being Stalked by AJ McLean

  1. You wake up sore.
  2. Empty bottles of hair dye keep mysteriously appearing on your front lawn.
  3. Your house number has changed to 69.
  4. Every time you turn on the TV on, it's a porn channel.
  5. Every moring your driveway is littered with Mc Donald's wrappers.
  6. Every night you see a dark shodow of someone humping your fire hydrant.
  7. You could have swore you saw a leopard tip-toe past your bedroom door.
  8. Your dog suddenly has a tattoo.
  9. There's that strange smell of cologne in your bedroom.
  10. You keep finding tiny little whiskers in your bathroom sink.

From Angie on the CaliBSBgirls Yahoo Group.

Top Ten Signs You're Being Stalked by Nick Carter

  1. Every morning you find Twinky wrappers scattered in the yard.
  2. Pugs become popualar strays in your yards.
  3. You recieve love notes signed , "Love, Anonymously, Nick Carter."
  4. Someone keeps craping in your socks.
  5. Your mailman, milkman, UPS guy, and butler all bare a strinking a resemblance to each other - tall, blonde, squeaky, Wait a minute...you never had a butler!!!
  6. You somehow now own every video game in the world.
  7. You find drawings of yourself hung all over your walls.
  8. You find Journey CD's you don't remember buying.
  9. You suddenly become the star of a comic book series.
  10. The same Prowler turns around in your driveway at least 5 times a hour.

From Angie on the CaliBSBgirls Yahoo Group.

Twelve Step Program for Husbands of BSB Fans

  1. Put down the Black and Blue CD and back away slowly. No matter how much you want to, you are NOT smashing the Black and Blue CD. She loves Backstreet whether you do or not.
  2. Always dress with the lights off. That way you won't see her posters of Backstreet on the wall, and you won't get angry.
  3. When a Backstreet song comes on the radio, repeat "I have no taste. I should be enjoying this. My wife has great taste in music. I sure wish I did."
  4. When Backstreet announces they are coming to town, offer to stand in sleet and rain to wait to buy tickets. This will make your wife love you even more, and ensure a long happy marriage.
  5. When looking for something, NEVER look in the chest in the closet. That is full of Backstreet souvenirs and will only upset you.
  6. When you listen to other music with wife, tell her, "I wish this singer could sing as well as any of the Backstreet Boys."
  7. When you listen to other music with wife, tell her, "Backstreet could do this song better."
  8. When your wife looks sad, ask her if she read something disturbing on the Backstreet message board, 9 out of 10 times that is the reason for her malaise.
  9. For Halloween, tell her you want to dress up as her favorite Backstreet Boy.
  10. Write a letter every day to the Backstreet Boys thanking them for being the best, and making your wife so happy.
  11. When presented with the cost of Backstreet tickets, thank her for the opportunity to make her happy at any cost!
  12. Three Words: Backstreet Silk Boxer-shorts!

From Michele on the BSB Erotica Yahoo Group.

You Know Howie is Gonna Get Married When...

  1. Money grows on trees.
  2. Me and Kevin do the horizontal mambo.
  3. Willa Ford admits the Osmonds are badder than she is.
  4. Eminem becomes the 6th 'N Syncer.
  5. A teenybopper forms a sentence without the word "like" in it.
  6. The Rolling Stones retire.
  7. Kevin and Justin Timberlake records a duet.
  8. Hell freezes over.
  9. Pigs fly.
  10. He says he has a girlfriend.

From Howie's Cutie