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Thursday, February 12

8pm: Wow! A whole day went by. It was so intense today! I did learn the chair dance and I think I finally figured out how to keep AJ from getting on my case. Strike that, I didn't. Like Fatima said, we worked until noon and then had the rest of the day off. Yes, we all have been lifting weights. I feel strong now! But it was after lunch that was tough. See, AJ wanted to see all the routines, back to back, just to make sure I had them. So I showed him all of them. I thought they were fine and so did the rest of the guys, except AJ. Howie was hella impressed. Even Mr. Perfectionsit Kevin said they looked fine. AJ was another story. He was pushing, maybe a little too hard. Now all the guys were pushing, but they were encouraging. You know, stuff like "Push it girl! Show some attitude!" It was all in fun from the other four. AJ was just being mean I think. I dunno. When I finished the chair dance, which I knew wasn't nearly as perfect as all the others, is when I lost it. AJ and I started yelling at each other, and I mean really yelling. We'd been on each other's nerves all week, but we just lost it.

"AJ stop!" I yelled.

"No. You've got two days to get this!"

"AJ, I have learned five dances in under a week. I haven't heard one 'good job' from you in all that time. At least the rest of the guys are encouraging me!"

"And you need all the help you can get because you obviously aren't picking anything up from Fatima."

"Excuse me? At least she breaks down the moves for me and puts it to a simple eight count so I can follow her! You, I have no clue what is going through your head."

"Did you think this was going to be easy?"

"No! I didn't! I knew it was going to be work. But I also thought there was going to be some fun in it too. I love to dance, AJ! But you've just made it a whole bunch of work. I should be loving this, but I'm not."

"And that's my fault?"


Howie broke in at this point. "Alright you two! Stop for a minute. You're going to work this out! And you're not leaving until you do! Only we don't wanna hear it!" He pushed us both into "my" room and held the door so that we couldn't leave. Once inside, AJ looked at me.

"So what were you expecting?" he asked.

"I was expecting to learn some dances, have a little fun, maybe get to know you guys a little better. Not be driven to the point of exhaustion because things aren't perfect." AJ took my face in his hands and kissed me. "What was that for?" I asked when he pulled away.

"I like you." He sat down on the edge of my bed.

"You do?"

"Yeah. Why do you think I wrote you that poem?"

"I dunno. So if you like me, why do you push me so hard?" I asked, sitting down beside him.

"I push you because I see potential. I've watched all our dancers on tour and to tell you the truth, they couldn't do what you've done. You've learned five dances in five days."

"But they learn a dance in an afternoon."

"Yeah, but do you know how many times they go over it on their own before they perform it? About a hundred. I've yet to see you go over a routine when you and I aren't working together."

"Yeah well, I have to visualize it. When I can finally see it all in my head is when I can do it."

"Could you pick up a dance if you just watched it?"

"Possibly. I've never tried. But that's how I got 'Everybody.' I mean, I know it wasn't exact and perfect, but I got all that from just watching. I mean, did you actually watch me while you guys were showing me the routines? Why do you think I had you guys do it like four times before I would have Fatima break it down for me?"

"So you could learn a dance just by watching?"

"Probably. As long as it wasn't a partner dance like the tango or didn't involve any weird prop moves."

"You're serious about this?"

"Yeah. I used to go to the cheerleader try outs just to get new dance moves. And then when I was old enough, I'd go to clubs. I think people thought I was weird when I'd just sit there and watch them."

"Why didn't you tell me?" AJ asked, placing a hand on my knee.

"You didn't exactly give me a chance."

"If I would have known, I wouldn't have pushed, I would have just danced for you."

"No, it's probably a good thing you pushed me, because if you didn't, I don't think I would have realized how much work I needed to put into my moves. Now if you'll back off the next couple of days, maybe I can finally put some attitude into those moves."

"Well, the chair dance isn't perfect yet."

"Hey, are you perfect?"


"So don't expect me to be."

"Alright, I'll back off. But we still have to get that tango done."

"What? I thought it was done."

"No it's not."

"What do you mean?"

"I thought we were adding to it?" AJ whispered in my ear.

"Oh," I said and grinned at him. I then walked to the door and knocked three times and siad, "Okay, AJ's ready to quit being a slave driver."

"Is this true, AJ?" Howie asked.

"Well, she's agreed to listen to me, so yeah." Howie opened the door. For a little guy, he sure could be forceful and convincing when he had to be.

"Good. We're going to go ahead and take a break then," Howie said.

"Yeah, listening to you two scream at each other really wore us out," Nick said.

I laughed and said, "Well, at least we can work on the tango then."

"Do you guys need any more help on it?" Kevin asked.

"Nah, I think we got it," AJ told him.

"Okay, well, I'll leave you two then." Kevin and the rest of the guys left and AJ and I worked on the tango untl right before I started this entry. So here's the email to the gurlz:

To: The Gurlz
From: Backstreet Freak
Date: 2/12
Subj: Backstreet Phrase that Pays #6

The Backstreet word for today is: CHAIR! Well, that and YELLING! I'll get to the yelling in a minute, but today I learned the "chair dance." Oh it was so cool! I mean, it just rocked. We even added a bit to it, so that was even cooler! I can't wait to do it on Saturday. You gurlz had better watch! Anywho, here are today's hilites:

So I guess that's about it. I think I'm gonna go crawl into bed now. I'm really tired. Especially after all that yelling with AJ! You know what I just realized right now? Saturday is Valentine's Day! Man, how stupid can I be?! (don't answer that!)

Peace, Love, & BSB -- KTBSPA!

Well, like the email said, I'm going to bed! And, yes, I did just realize that Saturday is Valentine's Day. I think my mind was elsewhere, like on these dances! So more tomorrow, I promise!

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