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Friday, February 13


Well, we're back on the plane heading home to O-Town! TRL was a blast! Jen is such a great host. Just because both Backstreet and 'N Sync were there, the show was ninety minutes. It was like a big promotional thing for tomorrow's concert. Anywho, when we got there, we found out that 'N Sync and Jen had already arrived. Jen met us at the door with a camera crew in tow. Fortunately she didn't try to kill me on camera.

"Hey girl! How's it been going?" she asked me.

"Better now," I replied. I clutched AJ and Brian's hands. For some reason, I was nervous, I don't know why. I introduced Jen to Howie, her favorite Backstreet Boy, and Jen inturn, introduced me to Lance, my favorite 'N Syncer. I happened to mention to Lance that my friend Heather wanted to break into the business, so he gave me his business card to give to her. He said he wanted a demo tape from her. I think she's going to be really happy. She may actually have an agent! Jen led us all inside, like the Boys needed to be led, I mean they had been there how many times? Tons! I just followed everyone. Jen said that 'N Sync would be on for the first half hour, and then we would be on and then both boy bands would be on for the final half hour. The weirdest thing was that Jen wanted me to co-host with her. I was shocked! So at three on the dot, we were in front of the cameras and things were rolling. When the director pointed at us, Jen started talking.

"Hi! And welcome to a Friday edition of Total Request Live, also known as TRL. Carson is actually in Orlando today setting up for the big battle of the boy bands concert tomorrow, so I am hosting. My name is Jen." She looked at me.

"And I'm Backstreet Freak," I said. When Jen looked at me funny, I said, "Hey, that's what everyone knows me as."

"Okay. But anyway. You all have been following my adventures all week during TRL, so you know wherever I am, 'N Sync can't be far behind," Jen said. The studio audience screamed.

When they calmed down, I said, "Yeah, Jen, but everyone who has been following my adventures online knows who I have been hanging with. So if I'm here, that means that the Backstreet Boys must also be here." The audience screamed even louder at the mention of the Backstreet Boys. When the crowd settled down, I turned to Jen and said, "Now before we get into our number ten video Jen, I have to know, what's it been like hanging with 'N Sync?"

Jen rolled her eyes and said, "Fun. Anyway, here's our number ten video." After the video played, 'N Sync came on. Jen and I were on one side of the giant monitor and the guys were on the other side. We asked them what was the most fun thing they had done with Jen. They rattled off their answers and then I asked them about the basketball game. Things were actually going pretty well. We made it through the first four videos there with 'N Sync and when we went to commercial at 330, 'N Sync left the studio for a bit and Backstreet came on. It was funny because as soon as they saw me, AJ motioned for me to come over to him, which I did. (I ask again, how do you say no to AJ?) When we came back from commercial, Jen introduced the guys and AJ and I tangoed out into the camera's range. Everyone was laughing. It felt good. Then AJ did something I wasn't expecting; he spun me. This wouldn't have been a big deal, except he spun me to Kevin who spun me to Brian who spun me to Nick who spun me to Howie. By the time I finished the line, I was extremely dizzy. I stumbled forward and fell on my back in between Jen and the Boys. Of course it was meant to be funny, but the room really was spinnig.

The big thing both groups talked about was the concert on Saturday, tomorrow. Being that the concert is on Valentine's Day, MTV had to show all the bribery they had received because every fan of 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys wanted to be in Orlando. I just kinda rolled my eyes and let everyone talk. I thought I'd get out of saying anything, but then Kevin had to go and spoil it. He had to mention that I would be dancing with them. I could have killed him at that moment.

"So are you ready?" Jen asked me.

"No," I said flattly.

"Don't let her lie; she's ready," Brian said. I just glared at him.

"You'll do fine," Howie said to me.

"Yeah, I've only had the best dance instructor working with me." AJ grinned. "Not you," I said. "I meant Fatima." The guys laughed at that.

We left the studio and quickly realized that we were on the same flight as 'N Sync. I knew things were going to be tough on that flight, so I went up front to write this up and now that I'm done, I'm taking a nap. But first, I need to email the gurlz!

To: The Gurlz
From: Backstreet Freak
Date: 2/13
Subj: Backstreet Phrase that Pays #7

The Backstreet word for today is: TRL! Did you all see me on TRL? Anywho, here are today's hilites:

So that was my day...there'll be one more Phrase that Pays tomorrow and then, well, I guess it'll all end. And I have to go home after tomorrow. I wonder what's gonna happen with me and AJ?

Peace, Love, & BSB -- KTBSPA!

Well, now that that's done, I'm off to dream land.

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