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Saturday, February 14

11pm: Concert's over! Aw man it kicked! I love this! Okay, so here's the play by play for ya. So as it got closer to showtime, things got wilder. People were running around double checking everything. I just hung close to the guys because I had not a clue what was going on. So all the guys are in their jerseys, and I'm there in my costume (or lack thereof). Everyone is ready, mikes on, it's just about time to hit the stage performing "Larger than Life." Well, that's when everyone gathers around in a circle and grabs hands. And I'm talking everyone. Dancers, the band, the Boys, everyone! I go along and Brian offers a prayer. Man does that guy know some sweet and powerful words! So after the prayer, the Boys gathered around me and congratulated me on making it this far. (Hello! I still have to go out on stage and not screw up!) So I went and lined up with the dancers, perparing to make my big entrance. "Larger than Life" went well. I didn't screw up and now I know AJ enjoyed tossing me. When we finished the dance and song, I was supposed to leave the stage, which I did, but the guys called me back out. I was at a loss, so I just did as I was told.

"You've been following her adventures online," Kevin said to the crowd.

"And you've all read of her troubles learning our dances," Howie added.

"Well, this girl has worked her tail off!" AJ yelled. "And that's why we want her to come out here and get what she deserves." Inside I cringed as I walked out there. There were my guys (see, there I go again) all in their jerseys looking at me. To compound that I had all the eyes of everyone in the audience and the video cameras. I looked over at AJ, who winked at me.

"First of all, give it up for Backstreet Freak," Nick called. The crowd, to my amazement, went wild.

When they settled down a bit, Brian stepped up and said, "We all wanted to show how proud we were of you, so we pitched in and got this for you." Kevin appeared with a shirt box. I looked at the Boys and then out at the crowd. I lifted the lid on the box and found a jersey identical to the ones I had gotten the Boys. It had my favorite number on it: 13 and even had my nickname: Backstreet Freak. I hugged them all and AJ said to me, "Now go put it on while we do the next song because you have to get out here and dance!" I grinned and ran off stage. As soon as I was off stage and out of the public view, I quickly changed shirts. It fit perfectly, which amazed me, and I waited for my next cue. The next song I danced on was "Everybody." That was so much fun. After "Everybody" came "As Long As You Love Me" with the chairs. Everyone was screaming it was great. Then it was a quick costume change and the guys did a couple other songs and I danced in them. I could tell Fatima was just shocked and so were the other guys. No one but AJ knew why I was at rehearsal that morning, hell, I don't even think AJ knew the entire reason I was there. I danced every number I knew and then it came time for AJ and I to do our tango, which meant another costume change. I went back and put on this flared dress. It was one of those dresses that snapped at the base of the neck and had no back. I really loved it. It was red so I knew I was going to stand out. AJ was in a black suit. We walked out and did as we had rehearsed with Kevin, then the music changed. We then went into a little grinding just because we knew we could and that it would drive the crowd up the wall. The music changed a second time and we started having some fun with spins and lifts. I think Kevin was a little floored to say the least. We ended with me in a very low dip, my head was almost touching the stage floor. The crowd went wild. When I came up, I looked over at Kevin, whose jaw was hanging open. When the show finally ended, I took my bows with the rest of the dancers. That's when the Boys singled me out yet again.

"Hey, Backstreet Freak!" AJ called. "It's been a blast. And I know all the fans have enjoyed hearing about it." The fans yelled. "So we have a proposition for you." I looked at the five guys huddled together. It had to be something big. "Picture it," AJ continued. "Backstreet Freak dot com. The daily adventures of a fan and dancer for the Backstreet Boys." I just looked at him awestruck. I couldn't believe my ears! They wanted me to tour with them, become one of their dancers! I shrugged my shoulders.

"Alright then, let's put it up to the crowd," Howie said. "Now we have to tell you, she was only taught 'Everybody,' 'Larger than Life,' 'All I Have to Give,' and 'As Long As You Love Me.' The rest of our dances, she learned this morning. So do you want her on tour? Do you want to know what it's like to tour with us?" The crowd went wild again. I couldn't believe my ears! Even the fans wanted me on tour! It was too good to be true! I looked at the guys and grinned and nodded. I wanted to go as much as they wanted me there!

AJ walked over to me and said, without the mike, "Seriously? You wanna do this?"

"Yes!" I told him. He hugged me, picking me up and spinning me around in his arms. When he set me down, he looked at Brian and nodded.

Brian yelled to the crowd, "She's gonna do it!" Then, for some odd reason, all five guys backed away from me. Before I knew it, a cooler full of ice water was dumped on my head (just like at those big football games). The whole crowd laughed and there I was standing there sopping wet. The guys were going to get it for that one, but I have plenty of time to plan my revenge. I'M GOING ON TOUR WITH THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!!! Here's the email I sent to the gurlz:

To: The Gurlz
From: Backstreet Freak
Date: 2/14
Subj: Backstreet Phrase that Pays #8

Hey gurlz! Today's Backstreet word for today is: I GET TO TOUR WITH THE BACKSTREET BOYS! I know it's actually 8 words, but it's totally true. Oh, yeah, hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine's Day, I know I am. So here are the hilites:

You know what I said to that question? YES! So you will all be getting more emails from me on the road! Oh yeah, about the AJ thing. Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Peace, Love, & BSB KTBSPA!

Okay, so everyone else is dying to know about the AJ thing, huh? Well, if you really must know, he's sitting here beside me, spoon-feeding me chocolate ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries. We're sitting on his bed, in his room watching back to back episodes of South Park. I know, I know, South Park isn't really romantic, but hey, we both like it. GO CARTMAN! So anyway, I must get back to my man (this time I'm not just saying it). So I guess this is it for Backstreet Be on the look out for the continuing saga of Backstreet Freak at my very own domain! As for now, this is Backstreet Freak saying, so long, good night, sweet dreams and KTBSPA!

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