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Saturday, February 7

130pm: I lost three hours! Well, not really. I went from West Coast to East Coast so the time changed! Guess where I'm staying for the next week? The dance studio! I took lots of pictures and I'm sure the Boys did too. Probably plenty of me sleeping on the plane. AJ thinks that me staying at the studio is a blessing. Early morning dance rehearsals, he says. If we don't end up killing each other by the end of the week, it'll be a miracle. We did have a break through though. On the way to the dance studio, the guys decided to stop at McDonald's. I think we made a couple of girls really happy because the limo wouldn't fit through the drive-thru so we all had to go inside. Apparently, it was Kevin's turn to buy, because he began taking orders from the rest of us. When AJ heard me tell Kev I wanted a double quarter pounder with cheese value meal (a #4) with a diet coke, his jaw dropped open.

"Can you actually eat all that?" he asked, poking me in the stomach.

"Well, being I haven't eaten in like twenty-four hours, I believe I can," I replied flattly. I was still extremely tired. I'd ony had about three hours of sleep and that was on the plane with AJ yacking at me. I started hopping from one foot to the other, trying to keep moving. Nick raised an eyebrow at me. "What are you doing?" he asked suspiciously.

"Trying to stay awake," I replied.

"What, AJ's talking doesn't keep you up?" Brian asked. "I hated sharing a room with him because he'd never shut up."

"Hey," AJ commented.

"Well, you didn't," Brian replied.

"So why the diet coke?" Howie asked.

"Well for some reason, regular soda's upset my stomach," I informed him.

"Woosie," AJ said.

"Hey, if I get an ulcer by Friday, I'm blaming it on you," I shot back.

"Not my fault," he replied.

"Yeah, sure." Just then our massive order was done. Kevin paid for it with a fifty dollar bill and then we were back in the limo heading to the dance studio. Amazingly enough, AJ shut up long enough to let me eat, but that was probably because his mouth was full. But even while I was eathing he was bugging me. We all took our food into the dance studio and spread it out on the hardwood floor. My luggage got carried for me into a back room with a bed and a dresser, obviously put together just for me. I sat down, dumped out my fries and opened my double quarter pounder with cheese. AJ plopped down beside me. We all ate in silence for a while until AJ bellowed, "Hey, you're stealing my fries!"

"No I'm not!" I yelled back. We were sitting right next to each other but for some reason felt the urge to yell.

"Yes you are! I saw you!"

"No." I reached over and grabbed three fries from his carton. "Now I'm stealing your fries," I said shoving the fries in my mouth. I think if AJ wasn't so attached to his food, he would have thrown it at me.

"Why'd you do that?" he cried.

"Because you said I was stealing your food."

That's when Kevin broke in. "Children," he said, "am I going to have to separate you two?"

AJ looked at each other and then back at Kevin. "No," we said together.

"Good," Kevin replied, but as soon as he turned his back, AJ stuck his tongue out at me. I just rolled my eyes.

"So what's on the agenda for the afternoon?" I asked.

"Dance rehersal," said Nick. I groaned.

"What was that for?" Howie asked. "I thought you liked to dance and you wanted to learn all our dances?"

"Brian," I said, looking directly at him. "What lies have you been feeding them?" He just ginned at me. "So when does the torture begin?"

"Two," replied Nick.

I looked at my watch and then up at the ceiling from my spot on the floor. "How high is the ceiling?" I asked of no one in particular.

"I dunno. Ten, fifteen feet?" Kevin answered.

"Well, let's find out," I said. I walked into the back room that was serving as my living space. I grabbed a black case that was a little more than three feet in length. It looked like a musical instrument case. I brought it back into the room and set it on the floor in front of me.

"What's that?" AJ asked, as I clicked open the locks.

"You'll see." I pulled out two three feet long poles and snapped them together. I then pulled out a triangular piece of of fabric from a pouch on the inside of the case. I also fished out a roll of blue electrical tape. The fabric was navy blue with silver stripes. I slid the fabric over one end of the pole and taped it in place. I then ran long strips of tape down the length of the pole until it was all covered. It took me all of two minutes to assemble the entire flag. I laid it down on the ground and cleaned up the mess from my lunch. "You guys may want to move," I advies them. "It's been a couple of days." The boys moved back and I started swinging the flag around my body. After a few moments, I prepared for a toss. My right hand was gripping the silk, palm facing up; my left had was gripping the blue taped pole, palm facing down. The pole was held at an angel with my left arm bent at the elbow and my right completely extended towards the ground. I then quickly switched my hand positions, tossing the flag into the air. It rotated one and a half times before landing in my waiting hands. "It'll do," I said. The guys laughed. I took my flag and headed back into my "room."

"What, you're not going to take it apart?" Brian asked.

"No, I'll be here a week, so I can leave it together for a while," I said, walking back into the dance studio. "It was my own idea to have it in two pieces. I was tired of having to try and cram it into my car." I told them. "Now if you don't mind, I'd like to record this experience for prosterity," I told them and here I am. They're all warming up in the studio while I'm in my "room." It scares me to see them warming up. Could they be learning a new dance? Anywho, here's the email I just sent to the gurlz:

To: The Gurlz
From: Backstreet Freak
Date: 2/7
Subj: Backstreet Phrase that Pays #1

The Backstreet Boys word for the day is SLEEP! I haven't had much of it and I know I probably won't get much of it over the next week! Hilites for today:

Anywho, Fatima's here, time to start the torture known as dance rehersal. You may get another email tonite, I dunno yet.

Peace, Love, & BSB - KTBSPA!

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