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Baby Girl

It all started with a Christmas card.

I had a couple of extra Christmas cards one year, so I decided I would send one to Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys through the fan club. About two weeks after I mailed it, I got a form letter back. You know the kind: Dear fan, thanks for writing to us. Blah, blah, blah. Sincerely, the Backstreet Boys. I didn't really think anyone was paying attention.

At Valentine's, I sent Brian a Valentine's Day card, and directly behind that was a birthday card. He got a Saint Patrick's Day card and an Easter card. For my birthday in April I sent him this long letter about me and how he had changed my life. I told him that the Endowment was getting a check from me. I wasn't expecting to get anything but form letters back, because that's all I ever got.

Then on my birthday on April fifteenth, I got tons of cards from my friends and one card from a Post Office Box in Florida. I thought it was the fan club, actually paying attention to when the fans birthdays were, so I saved that card for last. Some of my cards had money in them, some of them were empty, but I didn't care. It was my birthday. The very last card I opened was the one from Florida. It was a card of Brian; his picture was on the front. "Well at least they know who my favorite member is," I thought. I opened the card and printed on the inside was, "Just a birthday wish to a 'Perfect Fan'." I thought the card was sweet. But there underneath the phrase was written in cursive, "See the address on the envelope? Write to me there. B-Rok."

I thought I was dreaming. I looked at the envelope and the PO Box. It was different from the fan club's. At first I thought it was a hoax, but on the very back of the card was written in the same handwriting, "Cute picture of me, huh?"

I decided it couldn't hurt if I wrote to the PO Box, so I hand wrote out a letter and mailed it off. Within a week and a half, I had a reply. The letter was handwritten and signed. I compared the signatures on my birthday card and the letter. They matched. I then pulled out one of the form letters I had received. It had photocopies of each of the Boys' signatures. I compared the signature on the letter I had just received to the form letter. They matched too. I couldn't believe it, I was Brian Littrell's pen pal!

Brian and I exchanged letters for months. I never let on to any of my friends that I was receiving letters from someone famous. I didn't completely believe it myself that I was Brian Littrell's pen pal. We started coming up with nicknames for each other. He became "B" because he always signed his letters "B-Rok." I became "Baby Girl" or "BG" depending on his mood. I have no clue how I got that name.

One time, the Boys were on MTV with Carson Daly and Brian had written on his hand "write to BG" to remind himself to write to me. Well, Carson saw it and asked who "BG" was.

"Oh, it's Brian's Girl," Nick told him. I thought I was going to die. But that wasn't the best thing.

The best thing was five days before their new CD "Miracles" was released. Five days before "Miracles" was released, I got a package in the mail. When I opened the package, I found a copy of "Miracles" and a form letter. The letter said, "Dear fan, you have been selected to come to New York on Monday to appear on Live with the Backstreet Boys on MTV. Enclosed you will find a copy of the new album, 'Miracles.' Listen to it and enjoy it. And we'll see you on Monday. Sincerely, the Backstreet Boys." Underneath the form letter was written, in Brian's handwriting, "Read the insert."

I looked at the CD. They actually had a song on the album called "Miracle." It was the first time they had a title cut on an album. I pulled out the insert of CD and opened it to the lyrics section. Under the song "Miracle" was written, "Brian T. Littrell, Dedicated to Baby Girl." I couldn't believe my eyes. Brian had written a song, all by himself, and had dedicated it to me. I thought that was what he wanted me to see, but I found out there was more on Monday.

Monday, at fifteen, fifteen Broadway, home of MTV, I was sitting in the front row for Live with the Backstreet Boys. It was so amazing. About half way through the show, Carson turned to Brian and asked, "I noticed you wrote the title track, 'Miracle' and dedicated it to 'Baby Girl.' Is she 'BG' the one you needed to write to? And who is she?"

"Yes, 'BG' is 'Baby Girl.' And she should be here today. We sent her an invitation. Baby Girl, where are you?"

I was speechless for a moment. I found my voice and said, waving slightly, "Right here, B."

"Come're," Brian said.

I got up from my spot on the floor and walked over to Brian. He pulled me down into his lap. "Yes, I wrote a song about this Little One," he said into the mike. I was in heaven. "She's a survivor, a real miracle. I started writing the song 'Miracle' shortly after her birthday. So you did read the insert, right?" Brian said to me.

He held the mike for me and I said, "Yeah, I noticed the song. That's so sweet."

"There's more though."

"There is?"

"Yeah, in the 'Thank Yous'."

"I was meaning to ask you about that," Carson said.

"Yeah, I think we all were," Howie said.

"I said, 'I dedicate this album to Baby Girl, you know who you are. You are a miracle, don't forget it. I never realized how much of an impact I had on your life. KIT 4-eva. WBS 220/13/415'," Brian told me, and the rest of the world.

"What's all that mean?" Carson asked.

"Well, it means, keep in touch, forever. And write back soon," I told Carson.

"What about the numbers?"

"That's a secret," Brian said. I knew what Brian meant though. 220 was his birthday, 415 was mine. He used them as codes when he paged me. 13 was our number for love and friendship. He was telling me that he loved me and wanted us to be friends forever. We still write and I'm still his Baby Girl.

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I'll Never Break Your Heart/Fighting AJ/Lil' B-Rok/I Love You Came Too Late/Baby Girl