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Baby Girl 4: One Last Cry

"She's a fan, Leigh and you don't know how to treat the fans," Brian yelled.

"Oh, and you do? By sleeping with them? Talk about thanking them in a different way!"

AJ looked at me, and I ducked my head. "Look, Leighanne, I have work to do. We'll talk about this later." Brian put his hand out to me. "Come on, Baby Girl. Guys, I'll be out in a minute, okay?"

Brian and I went into his room. With the towel still wrapped around my body, I began separating our clothes. As I was bending over to pick up my things, the towel slipped and fell to the ground. Brian picked it up and tossed it on the bed. He then pulled me into a hug. The tears were streaming down my cheeks. "Oh, Baby Girl, I'm so sorry. I never meant for this to happen," he said, pulling me close to him.

"Oh B. I feel so bad about last night."

"You're not regretting it are you?" I nodded my head. Brian lifted my chin to look at him. "Don't. There's no need to regret it. I don't. I'm glad we did what we did. I'm not glad that Leighanne found out like she did, but she was going to find out sometime. Now, get dressed, we gotta get going." He kissed me and then picked up his clothes.

I got dressed and stepped outside the room.

AJ cornered me and asked, "So you really did?" I looked at him and didn't say anything. "You did, didn't you? Oh, I knew it! Did you guys get any sleep at all last night?" I looked down at the floor.

"Bone, leave her alone. She's had a rough morning," Howie said.

"Yeah, but I bet she had a rougher night."

"AJ!" Howie exclaimed through gritted teeth.

"Where's Leighanne?" I asked.

"Over there with Nick and Kevin." Howie pointed down the hall. Just then, Brian exited his room. He put his arm around my waist and I pulled away from him.

"Don't let her intimidate you," he told me, and put his arm around my waist once again. "Yo, Kev, Nick, let's go!" he called. We all climbed into the elevator, leaving Leighanne there, and headed down to the ground floor. When the doors opened, we raced for the van; well, the guys raced, I got a piggyback ride. We climbed in and headed off to the beach. It was four in the morning when we got there. There was still about an hour and half before sunrise, so we munched on bagels while the director told us how he wanted the shoot to go.

We managed to get all the sunrise shots the director wanted and we even finished in the early afternoon. It was great because then we had the rest of the day free. I got to keep my wardrobe, which consisted of a bikini and a really cute sundress. I didn't even bother to change from the bikini after the last take. We all hopped in the van and headed back to the hotel.

When we got back there, I headed out to the pool. The guys went their separate ways, heading out on the town or back to their rooms. I was lounging out in the sun when a shadow fell across me. I opened my eyes expecting to see Brian, but instead seeing AJ. I groaned and rolled over. "What do you want?" I asked.

"Nothing. Just coming out for a swim. Brian and Leighanne are screaming at each other and everyone else went sightseeing. You must be happy," he said, sitting down on the edge of the pool and dangling his feet in.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, you got exactly what you wanted. I knew from the moment I saw that Christmas card that you wanted to break Brian and Leighanne up. And you screwing him was just the icing on the cake."

I couldn't believe my ears. I knew AJ had a mouth, but I never thought he could be so inconsiderate. I grew angry, very angry. I leapt off my chair and tackled AJ, pushing him into the pool. I was so angry there were tears streaming down my cheeks. I managed to get a handful of his hair and dunk him under the water. "Take it back," I said to him.

"No," he said, coming up for air.

"Take it back, or drown," I said.

Just then, Howie and Nick walked up. Howie could see that we weren't playing around and jumped in the pool to pull us apart. Nick jumped in to help. Nick managed to pull me away from AJ. Howie could barely handle AJ and fortunately for him, Kevin heard the commotion and jumped in.

"You're nothing but a two bit whore and you know it!" AJ spat at me.

I started sobbing uncontrollably. "I know," I sobbed. Everyone fell silent. Howie let go of AJ and swam over to me. He took my arm and led me out of the pool.

"What's wrong, Baby Girl?"

"I never meant for this to happen." I sobbed. "I mean, when I led him back to his room, I thought I was going to comfort him. Offer him a shoulder to cry on. I never expected him to kiss me, and then to end up...oh God. I screwed up. He probably hates me. What am I going to do?"

"There's nothing you can do," Brian said from behind me.

I looked up at him. "How long have you been standing there?"

"I heard everything," he said squatting down beside me. "I don't hate you, Baby Girl. Leighanne and I are over. We're not getting back together. And you're not a whore. You're one of the best lovers I've ever had. I'm sorry about this whole mess. It's my fault. I gave Leighanne a ticket because when we made the travel arrangements, we were still together. I never thought she'd come. She just wanted to try and get me back. I loved her. I cried from the day we broke up until the day you arrived here in Hawaii. I read over every letter you wrote me and I realized as your plane was landing that it was you I loved. Please, Baby Girl, don't cry. It's okay." I looked up at him and he held out his hand to me. "Kevin, dry off. Let's do this."

Kevin climbed out of the pool and grabbed a towel. Brian led me over to my chair and wrapped my towel around me. Nick, Howie and AJ also climbed out of the pool and found towels to dry off. We all headed back inside the hotel to change clothes. We met downstairs in banquet hall. There was a baby grand piano and Kevin walked over to it and sat down. Brian pulled a stool over close to the piano and sat down. The rest of us all pulled chairs out and gathered around the two cousins.

AJ leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "I owe you an appology Baby Girl. I'm shouldn't have called you a whore."

"It's okay, AJ. I forgive you."

"No, it's not okay. You didn't see Brian after he and Leigh broke up. He criedfor days. He really did love her. That's why you got all the letters left foryou. He didn't want you to see him like that." I just never thought he'd rebound like that."

"I understand AJ. You were upset. You thought the only reason I came out herewas to be with Brian. That's not it at all. I came out here because I consider Brian my friend. And I consider you my friend."

"Are you two done?" Kevin asked. We nodded. Kevin started playing. I didn't recognize the song right away, but within a few measures, I knew what song Brian was doing. He sang "One Last Cry," which was originally recorded by Brian McKnight. He sang it beautifully and really didn't need Kevin's accompaniment. By the end of the song, I was crying. I knew what Brian was saying. He was saying that it was over between him and Leighanne and he had had his last cry and he wasn't looking back.

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