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Baby Girl 8: Derby Day
© 2000

Brian had been trying to court me for months. Granted, he didn't know who I was, but that didn't stop him. He wasn't going to give up. In his mind, I'm sure he was trying to move past the Baby Girl thing. How ironic, if he only knew.

Every time Brian was in Lexington, he would call me and try to convince me to go out with him. Unfortunately I was always busy. I know he was using his foundation to get to me; that's where he got the number. I was the only new donor that had attended the dinner; in fact, I was even recognized for it. That's how he knew who I was.

Around the beginning of April the following year, we finally managed to exchange words, even though it was only briefly at the foundation headquarters. I had come into large sums of money with the death of my father and I was content to donate most of it to the Healthy Heart Club. The foundation was becoming a national foundation, partnering with the Children's Miracle Network, because Saint Joseph's Children's Hospital was teaming up with the University of Kentucky's Children's Hospital. It really was elaborate. Even though I was going to be taking part in it, I really didn't understand it.

I was down at the foundation headquarters one morning working with the financial adviser trying to sort out exactly how to give the money to foundation without going overboard. I was at the main desk, about ready to leave, when I saw Brian walk through the door.

"Hi Janae," Brian said, addressing the receptionist.

"Afternoon Mister Littrell," Janae said. "I was just finishing up with Miz Carlson here." I turned to Brian and smiled and then went back to signing forms.

"Carlson," Brian said thoughtfully. "I used to know someone named Carlson." I eyed him, thinking my cover was blown. "But you wouldn't happen to be the same Miz Carlson whom I met at the charity dinner, would you?"

I set down the pen and looked directly at Brian. "Why yes I would," I drawled.

"Do you have time to sit down and talk with me for a while?" Brian asked.

I spread my hands over the papers before me indicating that I had a lot to take care of. Before I could say anything Janae chimed in, "You can finish those later, Miz Carlson. The money's not going to do anything but acquire interest." She smiled as I set down the pen. I just glared at her.

"Come on, my treat," Brian begged. I sighed and turned towards Brian. "Great," he replied, taking my elbow and leading me to the door. Together we walked out the double glass doors and down the street to a little cafe. I ordered Earl Grey tea, while Brian ordered just plain coffee. We took our steaming drinks and headed outside. We sat down at a little table and I watched the traffic go by. "So I take it you've been busy?" Brian asked, sipping his coffee.

"Very," I replied, avoiding his eyes.

"Every time I've been in town, you've been too busy let me take you out."

"Well, you know with school and everything," I said nonchalantly.

"So are you going to the Derby?"

"I hadn't planned on it," I told him truthfully.

"Hadn't planned on it? It's like a state-wide holiday," Brian exclaimed. I knew I had just about killed him by saying I wasn't going to the Kentucky Derby. He was right, it was practically a statewide holiday. Attendance wasn't mandatory, but you had to at least watch it on television.

I sipped my tea. "Well, I would love to go, but I wouldn't wanna go to the Downs alone."

"So allow me to take you." Brian was being very forward with me. I hope he hadn't realized that I was his Baby Girl. It could have serious repercussions.

"Well, I don't really know, Brian. I hardly know you," I lied. "I mean, all I know is that you are the founder of the foundation I'm giving my father's money to." No sooner than the words were out of my mouth than Brian launched into his whole life story. I got everything from the day he was born to the death of his ex-fiancée and his still being in love with Baby Girl. I really had no idea that he was still in love with me. He said that he was slowly getting over the hurt he was feeling and that he would like it if the Derby were his first step and our first date. I sighed. "All right, Brian," I said. "I guess I'll see you Saturday."

That Saturday, Brian was at my door early, about eight in the morning. I had never given him my address so I knew he must have pressured Janae at the foundation to get it for him. He looked absolutely to die for. In fact, he reminded me of all the pictures I had seen of him from the Into The Millennium Tour. He was in a light blue suit, a Kentucky blue necktie and a matching light blue fedora. All the blue was making me dizzy and his eyes were so inviting. I was dressed, in what I felt, was my Mary Poppins outfit. It was similar to what she was wearing when she won the horse race, complete with hat and parasol. The colors I wore were violet and white. Thankfully Brian and I didn't clash.

"You look...stunning," Brian breathed when he saw me.

"Thank you," I replied softly.

"I feel almost inadequate," he joked.

"Oh, I don't think so," I told him. "You look very handsome." He grinned at me, and offered his hand.

"Come, Ma'am, your chariot awaits." Unlike what I was expecting, Brian was driving the hour and half to Louisville. While he drove, we chitchatted about things, his life, how I came into the money, nothing really serious. At Churchill Downs we met up with his cousin Kevin. I almost wanted to hide, thinking that Kevin would recognize me. Fortunately he didn't. Both were Southern gentlemen and I got along easily with Kevin's girlfriend, Kristin. There's not much to say about the Derby. It's the most expensive thirty-seconds in sports. The best thing is the post-Derby parties. I followed Brian to one and about won the hearts of all there by the tail of my father's passing and how I was donating all the money to Brian's foundation. I mingled with a lot of celebrities, and most were impressed by my wealth of musical trivia and knowledge.

By the time the night was over, I was completely exhausted and couldn't wait to get home to my bed. Brian was more than willing to drive home, complaining that the parties got longer every year. Things were very quiet on the drive home, until Aaliyah's song, "Try Again" came on the radio.

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