I Love You Came Too Late

This story originally started as AJ fanfic that I started back on January 1, 2000. Only, as I was writing it, i realized it didn't have a plot. Then a couple of weeks ago, my friend Jen told me about a dream she had involving an airport and meeting AJ. I liked it, so she wrote it and we put into my AJ fic. Between her and I we managed to come up with a plot and have decided that this is the first in a two part series. The story itself is told from two altering points of view: her character of Tristian and my character of Sara. You'll notice on the parts, there is a name next to them, that's who's POV it's told from. Please send us feedback on this story. To send feedback to me (I write the parts in Sara's POV), send it to: ahluvbri@hotmail.com. To send feedback to Jen (who writes the parts in Tristian's POV), send it to: agent_doo@hotmail.com.

Part One (Tristian's POV)
Part Two (Sara's POV)
Part Three (Sara's POV)
Part Four (Tristian's POV)
Part Five (Sara's POV) *Rated: R*
Part Six (Sara's POV) *Rated: PG13*
Part Seven (Tristian's POV)

The last update took place on: April 3, 2000. Email me.